Will Cain, ‘Fox & Friends’ Blast ESPN’s JA Adande For Defending China’s Genocide

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Friday, ESPN’s J.A. Adande said that Americans cannot question China committing genocide against Uyghur Muslims because some red states have voter ID laws.

This disgusting freak claims that voter ID laws are as bad as rape, torture, slave labor, concentration camps, forced abortions and forced sterilizations — all of which are happening to the Uyghurs in the Xinjiang region of China.

While ESPN says it doesn’t mind Adande’s comments and has no further comment, Will Cain and the Fox & Friends crew crushed this idiot on Saturday.

Watch below:

“What you just saw right there is unacceptable,” Cain said. “That is completely despicable. That was a commentator on ESPN comparing voter ID  laws — a proposition that 80% of Americans, both black and white and Democrat and Republican, support — to genocide.

“This individual is not only an ESPN commentator but also the head of Sports Journalism at Northwestern University. That is the voice teaching future journalists out there, who will go out into the world. And by the way, that’s the most prestigious — emphasis on the word prestigious — Sports Journalism department in the country

“That’s how you are taught to think. That will be our downfall.”

Rachel Campos-Duffy next crushed this coward:

“You know what our downfall is? If you really dig even deeper, what’s happening there, our universities, our elites, our corporations, many of our politicians — they have been captured by a complete strategy by the Chinese Communist government.

“The communist government has money that they dole out to get people like that to say things like that. No doubt that is the biggest problem we are facing now that there are people who lack so much patriotism, and love for this country, that they’re willing to take a check from the Chinese Communist government in order to dole out lies and cover for human rights abuses.”

That is so well said by Campos-Duffy.

As I said yesterday, ESPN should fire this guy not for his comments, but for being this dumb on national television. But ESPN will do nothing about Adande. ESPN will not punish a black personality for offensive comments toward Uyghur Muslims. ESPN does not care about Uyghurs, and is afraid to discipline a black person.

J.A . Adande is a loser. Props to Will Cain and Rachel Campos-Duffy for saying so.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

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  1. A LOT of our Fortune 500 companies and, of course, elected officials “sold out” to the ChiComms for what amounted to “chump change” to the ChiComms. They saw that these high profiles figures had significant character weaknesses and easily exploited them. … That, sadly, is going to be very difficult to overcome in the days ahead.

    • Nope, the administration is infected by a bunch of leftists and woke losers. Like many, the school has changed dramatically for the worse in the past two decades. Nothing will be done – as a protected class leftist he’d have to assault someone at minimum.

  2. Racism is rampant. Grew up in a world when we didn’t view life with a race lens. Now it is encouraged for black racists to hate a white person. Thankfully most people of all colors respect one another for the person, not the skin. ESPN gives an audience to racists. No one watches ESPN anyone so let them echo chamber.

  3. Anyone who doubts that this plays right out of the CCP playbook needs to read Michael Pillsbury’s book The Hundred Year Marathon. It chronicles China’s 100 year plan to be THE world power. Unfortunately the European and American ruling class has been played like a violin. For example, Dianne Feinstein had a driver who worked for her that was a Chinese spy. Nineteen years and she allegedly never new. Christine Fang was “dating” numerous California politicians including Eric Falwell who is on the house intelligence committee. Then she disappeared when this came to light. China is cornering the market on precious minerals we will need for this ridiculous move to EV’s. I just heard Jamie Diamond recently say (and I paraphrase here) ” we do not care about their politics, We just know there is money to be made in China and we are going to be there doing it”. Titan of American industry. China had a four year set back with the last administration and are back in the drivers seat with Brandon. Oh, by the way, the pandemic started in China right before the American election.

  4. Exactly what Salty Saltine said. The CCP uses money to pay for favorable treatment by our media; they use influence over useful idiots like LeFraud, BLM, et al.; and do so to create chaos here to influence our minds and behaviors. Oh but Orange Man bad is the real problem.

  5. It’d be nice to see the likes of Peyton and Eli take a stand over at espn over their glaring hypocrisy considering they kept the lights on during the season but they don’t strike me as being to brave. It’s going to take multiple people at their level to make enough noise to shut these people up and it needs to be coordinated just like the attacks on Rogan and the ones on Portnoy a few months back. Now is not the time to be silent. It’s no coincidence that shills like JA Adande are carrying Chinas water while shitting on America. They like the Chinese system as long as they’re the ones in power which they clearly believe they will be. The Rock barley stuck his neck out to support Joe for 5 minutes before he groveled to the mob to forgive him. What a weak pathetic display. Then they still came for him over some old tweets. The mob does not want an apology they want conformity and or silence. Giving them that feeds their lust and they come for you even harder. Never surrender

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