ESPN Guy Says China’s Genocide is No Worse Than Red States Requiring Voter ID

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The U.S. declared last year that the actions against Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang region of China as genocide. But according to ESPN’s J. A. Adande, committing genocide against Uyghurs is no worse than red states requiring voter ID.

This moron actually said this on Friday’s Around the Horn. Adande said Americans should not question what these modern-day Nazis are doing to Uyghurs:

This creep is comparing voter ID to genocide, slave labor, concentration camps, forced abortions and forced sterilizations.

ESPN should fire this guy not for his incendiary comments, but for being this dumb on national television. Keep in mind, the city in which Adande lives, Chicago, has required ID to enter restaurants, bars and gyms.

But, of course, ESPN will do nothing. ESPN will not punish a black personality for offensive comments toward Uyghur Muslims. ESPN does not care about Uyghurs, and is afraid to discipline a black person, as the network shows time and time again.

OutKick has asked ESPN for a comment on Adande, but it won’t respond. We have also asked Around the Horn host Tony Reali for comment. Reali, who’s undoubtedly afraid to condemn Adande too, has not responded either.

Update: ESPN tells Fox News that it will not comment on Adande’s comments. ESPN is that scared.

Adande’s comments are sick. And most tellingly, ESPN was the outlet to tweet and share his comments, as if the network is proud.

This guy is also a professor at the Medill School of Journalism, teaching students that asking for an ID to vote is worse than genocide.

Written by Bobby Burack

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    • Hank Johnson congressman from Georgia is famous for asking during hearing in congress if Guam would tip over if to much military equipment was put on it so this espn freak is ignorant but still has goals to shoot for.

      • Sounds like you are in the running. Guam was a strategic out post during a primarily aerial battle in the pacific theatre during a little skirmish call the Second World War. Comparing watching the NFL playoffs and Dan Snyders attempts to bang some broad to the CCP and genocide, not to mention decades of abuse in Tibet, may be the most retarded thing I have ever heard. Seriously. And using an ID to VOTE! And to the men and women of law enforcement. (Sure they are happy about this) This is why complete idiots should not be given a platform. But we have enough idiots, as yourself, to provide one.

    • Seriously. Its got to the point that there doesn’t appear to be anyone at ESPN that would go “WHOA, calm down dude” when one of these bozos says this stuff. Seeing that its “Around the Horn” I’ll bet you that their dopey host gave him points for that lunacy

  1. Y’all look at this the wrong way. The more ignorance exposes itself, the more Common sense has a chance of prevailing. ESPN has become another Useful Idiot to turn the Tide. Enjoy his ignorance. It will pay off in the long run. First Post. Love this Site and Bobby’s work BTW.

  2. Who watches these ESPN talk shows? Seriously, anyone with an ounce of sense would never listen to these fucking morons talk sports and political issues. ESPN has a lot of cowardly White pussies who are totally intimidated by blacks.

  3. Agree. Free speech is fine, but rank stupidity is a fireable offense. Someone needs to tell this nitwit that a lot of blue states have voter ID laws as well. And this clown teaches at Northwestern, a formerly great university.

  4. Still not sure how Voter ID laws are a bad thing. Can’t imagine anyone watching anything on ESPN other than a live sporting event. Wish some other network would buy up all the rights (except the NBA), so that ESPN could just fade away into total irrelevance.

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