Wild Fight Breaks Out At An Auntie Anne’s After They Ran Out Of Cinnamon Nuggets

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The Auntie Anne’s in the Cumberland Mall near Atlanta turned into a battle ground earlier this month after they ran out of cinnamon nuggets. The brawl between customer and employee didn’t reach Waffle House levels of violence, but there were punches thrown and hair pulled.

The fight started after a customer attempted to order small cinnamon nuggets. He was told the pretzel restaurant was out of the nuggets.

Instead of finding something else on the menu, and because everyone is out of their minds in 2023, the customer threw a drink at the employee. He then made his way behind the counter where the customer and employee traded punches.

Auntie Anne's Wild Fight
Wild fight at Auntie Anne’s (Image Credit: ATL Uncensored/Twitter)

The employee involved in the altercation, Elijah Johnson, explained the whole situation to the local news. Here is his side of the story.

“It was a typical day at work. I had a customer come up to the counter,” Johnson explained. “He asked me for a small cinnamon nugget.”

He attempted to inform the customer that they were out of the small nuggets and had a drink thrown at him in response. Things escalated from there and the customer eventually made his way behind the counter.

Johnson said, “He came around the corner he hit me on the side of my face really hard.”

The video picks up with the customer already behind the counter exchanging punches. Johnson’s hair is being pulled as he swings around tongs.

Other customers and employees eventually separate the two and the wild scene comes to an end.

Auntie Anne’s Better Stay Stocked Up On Their Nuggets

Johnson went on to say he was attempting to protect himself and plans to sue. He said, “I snapped. I went into protective mode for myself because I know that I didn’t do anything wrong to this man.”

“I’m looking to press charges on the mall because you guys pay for security there was no security around even afterwards.”

I’m with the employee here. There’s not a chance he’s being paid enough to put up with this garbage. Nothing will happen, but it’s worth a shot.

Written by Sean Joseph


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