Wife Of Ukrainian Politician Appears On The Cover Of Playboy Following An Assassination Attempt

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The wife of a Ukrainian politician is on the cover of Playboy’s first print edition in the country since the war broke out after she survived what is believed to have been an assassination attempt.

Iryna Bilotserkovets appears on the cover on the magazine wearing a metal eye patch and bikini. The model and TV presenter is married to an aide to Vitali Klitschko, the former professional boxer turned mayor of Kyiv.

Iryna’s car was shot up in Kyiv just three days after Russia invaded Ukraine. The attack has been considered an assassination attempt by pro-Russian forces. She lost an eye and suffered a broken jaw along with various other injuries in the attack.

“An eye missing, tubes sticking out everywhere, hair shaved off from surgery. Stitches, scars, wounds everywhere; I was just Frankenstein’s monster,” she told Playboy. “My jaw had shattered, like a twig. I no longer have a pretty face, but the rest of my body is beautiful.”

The attack on Iryna Bilotserkovets took place as she was driving with her three children through a neighborhood in Kyiv near their family home.

All that she remembered in the aftermath of the attack was a strong pain coming from her head. She was taken to Germany where she underwent four operations. Following the procedures she was left with a missing eye, a broken jaw, and scars over her body.

Popping Up On The Cover Of Playboy After An Assassination Attempt Is Quite The Move

“It was not a question of preserving my beauty; it was a question of whether I would live or not,” she told Playboy. “Doctors in Ukraine said I was probably going to die. I didn’t agree, and neither did my husband.”

Iryna is one of several women featured in the “Women Stay Strong” edition of the magazine. The proceeds are going to be donated to emergency medical equipment for the Ukrainian army.

The war in Ukraine has been an interesting one in a lot of ways, to say the least. Why not add emotional support strippers and the wife of a politician, who survived a likely assassination attempt, on the cover of Playboy?

Written by Sean Joseph

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