Instagram Model Moved To Ukraine To Become An ‘Emotional Support Stripper’

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An Instagram model who moved to Ukraine has found an interesting way to help out with the war effort. She’s providing services to soldiers and volunteers as an “emotional support stripper.”

Fan-Pei Koung, from Houston, first volunteered in Ukraine in November. At the time the 33-year-old influencer was volunteering in women’s shelters and orphanages in Lviv. But she wanted to do more, she wanted to be with the military.

After a month of volunteering in the country, she left. But she couldn’t stop thinking about it and moved to the Ukraine full-time in February 2023.

The self-described “globe-trotting girlfriend” launched an OnlyFans, which is free for Ukrainians, soldiers and volunteers, and took her volunteer efforts to Kharkiv.

All of the proceeds that are collected from paying customers go to her “humanitarian work in Ukraine.” Work that Koung’s OnlyFans bio describes as “free emotional breastfeeding to soldiers” as well as collecting donations for volunteers.

Koung told The Daily Beast, “I’m the sexy girl in Ukraine who wants to volunteer, and will probably put out.”

The 2015 Miss Taiwanese American Pageant contestant has been involved with several men since visiting the country. She’s currently dating a Ukrainian drone operator, a power plant worker and two information technology workers.

Between the humanitarian work and the dating where does she find the time for the emotional support stripping? She somehow makes it work.

Fan-Pei Koung Is A Volunteer Willing To Go That Extra Mile

While her services are mostly for Ukrainian soldiers, Koung has assisted soldiers from other countries. She says she met a soldier from the United Kingdom after going to comfort a group of soldiers who had suffered casualties in Donbas.

Despite finding a unique way of supporting the troops, not everyone is down with her form of volunteerism. Some Western volunteers ripped her apart in a group chat she had joined.

“These guys just tore me for three days straight!,” she said. “I think there’s a couple hundred people in this group, and they said, ‘You want to make porn off of mass graves?'”

That’s a rather harsh way of putting it. She’s not just making porn. She’s providing a valuable service to soldiers in need of some comforting from an emotional support stripper.

Koung is there to provide that support and probably put out – her words, not mine. While the Western volunteers don’t understand this dynamic, the soldiers more than likely do.

At the end of the day that’s all that matters. She could have stayed out of it and never visited Ukraine in the first place. She could have very easily stuck to the women’s shelters and orphanages.

But she didn’t do that. This Instagram model wanted to go where the action was and provide a different kind of action. Whether you’re for this war or not, I think we can all agree that Koung’s volunteer efforts are commendable.

Written by Sean Joseph

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