Wife Of 49ers Player Says She Didn’t Feel Safe Around Eagles Fans

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Fred Warner’s wife and TikToker Sydney Warner hopped on her account to share her nightmarish visit to Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia on Sunday.

Apparently going to an Eagles game as the wife of an opposing team’s player wasn’t the safe space she assumed.

After dealing with the vitriol of Philly fans, only of the most vicious fanbases in sports, Sydney admitted that she’ll never be returning to LFF, even if the Niners reach another NFC Championship Game.

Mrs. Warner was warned by her husband to not wear any Niners team colors with the hopes of warding off any crazy fans, but she took her chances with a red handbag and paid the price.

“I will probably never go back to that stadium, to be honest. I guess you can just call me a wimp, but I couldn’t handle the fans,” she said in a video Wednesday.


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“I’m 100% down for riding for your team—like ‘Hurrah! Let’s go team!’—but honestly, I just didn’t feel very safe. …

“Fred told me not to wear any red. I did end up wearing a red bag but I had to end up hiding it underneath my jacket because people were doing the ‘Eff you’s and the shoving and that whole thing. So, I definitely covered it.”

The All-Pro linebacker’s wife mentioned that a drunk Eagles fan got in her face and that she at one point encountered a convocation of fans that heckled and yelled at her.


“But then I was at the concession stand and this guy saw it — and he was drunk, I’ll give him that — but he got in my face and this other Eagles fan saw it and was like, ‘Hey man, you got to chill out.’

“We were leaving and I wanted to leave before they let all of them out because they started, like, riots and all that. We did, and this was this tunnel you had to walk through, and you were just surrounded. You had to walk through it and they were all around you just heckling and yelling.”

The Eagles welcomed SF for an NFC Championship Game that was marred by QB woes for the 49ers and bad officiating.

Clearly, Mrs. Warner had more pressing issues to deal with.

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  1. God, what a f ing dope. She sounds like a valley girl. Who could be married to such a vapid moron? I’m an Eagles fan and I know they can be rough, although not nearly as rough as they were in the old days. Not even close. But to say she was surrounded and felt threatened, she’s lying.

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