Wife Files Complaint With A Popular Content Creator Via DM After Catching Husband Viewing One Of Her Twerking Videos

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Yasmina Khan is one of the top content creators on OnlyFans. The 26-year-old, who calls herself “the biggest Bengali porn star in the world,” is used to receiving bizarre messages online.

She’s made a fortune off of it. Last year she put those earnings in the $300,000 a year range while revealing some of the weird requests she receives on a daily basis.

“I get [weird requests] almost every day,” Yasmina said. “I get people asking me to fart in jars, p**s in pots and send it them, and they’ve even asked for toenails.”

She continued, “I always get asked to sell pants and bras. I recently got asked to p**s in my leggings and post it to someone.”

While she didn’t go through which of the weird requests she entertains and which ones she doesn’t, she did say that leggings one did not happen. More than a year later, Yasmina revealed that she’s still receiving some interesting messages.

One of those that hit her inbox recently was from an angry wife. The wife wanted her to pull down her twerking videos after she caught her husband “enjoying” one of them.

This Isn’t The Fault Of The OnlyFans Creator

The wife’s complaint read, “why do you post twerking videos??? i caught my husband jerking off to your videos!!! its not right! put the videos down please!!

Putting the videos down seems a little harsh. They’re not racehorses after all. A simple request to delete or remove them would have been sufficient.

Yasmina took the wife’s complaint to heart. She then laughed hysterically at it while sharing a screenshot of the DM on X.

How else was this going to play out? Was Yasmina honestly expected not to laugh at the complaint and share it on social media? Did the wife, and evidently she did, expect the videos to be “put down?”

I’m not one to tell people what to do, but this wife’s issue isn’t with the content creator. It’s with her husband. That’s where the focus of her anger needs to be. Let Yasmina Khan do her thing.

Written by Sean Joseph

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