Model Got Her Start As A Content Creator After Being Hit On By Grooms While Working As A Wedding Planner

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There’s no single path to becoming a successful content creator. People from all walks of life have found their way to the lucrative career. We’ve seen everyone from teachers, bankers, and cops end up taking their talents behind a paywall.

Now we’re going to meet a former wedding planner, who was often hit on by the grooms, before she decided to quit and focus on content. She’s a Scottish model who goes by the name Nova Jewels.

The 26-year-old had quite the run as a wedding planner. She did everything from hookup with the best man to field messages from grooms who had the hots for her.

“I have ended up in cloakrooms with best men, naked in hot tubs with bridesmaids, I’ve dated multiple wedding guests from various weddings over the years,” she told the Daily Star.

“I had grooms messaging me on social media telling me that they got aroused as soon as they realized I was the one dealing with the wedding.”

Despite the side action, Nova never really enjoyed working a traditional job. She started doing a little modeling while working as a wedding planner, but didn’t take things to the next level until she quit her job.

The career change has been a successful one for her. Nova got her start as a cam girl and since doing so a couple of years ago has earned roughly $80k. That doesn’t count another $5,100 a month she earns from OnlyFans.

From Wedding Planner To OnlyFans Model

Nova isn’t keeping all of her eggs in one basket either. She also making some of her dreams come true by working with Playboy and putting up content on their Centerfold platform.

This content creator has no plans on returning to a traditional job. She’s all in on making content. She’s even appearing in a documentary about cam girls called, Confessions of a Cam Girl.

It doesn’t get more all in than that. Being able to set her own hours and make in less than one day what she used to pull in from a full week of planning weddings is a nice perk.

“I choose my own hours and it still blows my mind that what I used to earn in a whole week as a wedding coordinator I can now make in one day as cam girl,” Nova said.

“Not even a day.”

I’m with Nova Jewel here. Why bust your ass planning other people’s big days while the grooms hit on you? There’s clearly a market for your talents and cash to be made on OnlyFans.

Written by Sean Joseph

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