Former Teacher Who Makes Money Handing Out Manhood Report Cards Teases Content With Her Hooters Girl Friend

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Don’t look now, but former teacher turned content creator Sarah Seals, aka Sarah Juree, is back making headlines again. This time around the 42-year-old brought a friend a long for the ride.

During a “girls night” out the OnlyFans model decided to grab a video and a couple of pictures from a trip to the “girls room” with her Hooters girl friend. Juree added a suggestive caption to one of the posts and let the imaginations of her followers do the rest.

The caption of the post, which features Juree’s friend giving her a kiss on the cheek, reads, “What happens in the girls room stays in the girls room.”

Coming from a content creator, who turned a side gig that got her fired into a small fortune, this led to plenty of speculation. Did the two hookup? Did they make content together? It’s not clear.

What is clear is that some of her followers wanted to know what went down in the girls room. Some were even hopeful that she would eventually share the details or potential content.

Juree leans into the whole teacher fantasy thing. The former Indiana teacher even hands out manhood report cards to her subscribers.

“I do this by offering exclusive report cards where I rate their manhood and give ‘Miss Sarah’ stickers to loyal fans,” said Juree.

Sarah Juree Knows How To Stir Up Some Interest Among Her Followers

Leaning into the whole teacher fantasy is only going to make it easier for her to lean into this. Whether anything happened with her Hooters girl friend or not.

Last month Juree had retained a lawyer. She was contemplating filing a lawsuit against her former employer as she kept cranking out content for her new business.

It’s pretty obvious that she’s not letting any possible lawsuits or the fact that she was shown the door over her decision to join OnlyFans keep her down.

Juree is still getting after it. In the content game you can’t let anything slip past you. A trip to the girls room on girls night must be documented and turned into content. This former teacher who understands that better than most.

Written by Sean Joseph

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