Wichita Police Identify ‘Poopetrator’ Who Ruined Wigs By Dropping A ‘Significant’ No. 2

The case of the Wichita Wig ‘Poopetrator’ took a twist Tuesday when the city’s police department announced it is getting to the bottom of this case that has rocked the community. According to the Wichita PD, they have identified the woman who they accuse of dropping a “significant” poop on eight wigs at a beauty supply store.

Police, who aren’t releasing the surveillance video evidence, say a woman entered the store on May 10 and took a dump right in the middle of an aisle which absolutely destroyed the wigs and now the store management wants this woman to pay up for the damage.

Wichita Poopetrator
The Wichita Poopetrator who is accused of taking a ‘signifcant’ No. 2 on several wigs / Wichita Police Department Facebook

“The incident was captured on video surveillance, but for the good of all of you we are not posting the footage of the offending fecal assault,” the Wichita PD said Tuesday on its Facebook page.

And the PD has also heard enough Amber Heard jokes.

“We’ve already confirmed that this is NOT Amber Heard so please stop calling and emailing that info! Thanks!” the PD added.

Nope, the Facebook world wasn’t done dumping out jokes.

“Let’s hope you can wipe this case clean and flush away the memories,” said one Facebook poster joker.

“This might be one of those cases that sticks with us,” the PD responded.

Now, did the woman just need to break one off and couldn’t hold it like the homeless guy in New York City who just needed to let it fly? Or was this blatant criminal mischief that will require a jury to watch the woman blast one loose on those wigs?

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Trust me, go read it.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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