Why Should Fans Pay Full Price To See COVID-Diluted Rosters?

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The only thing more ridiculous than the NFL and NBA’s COVID protocols is the fact that fans are still having to pay A+ prices to watch, at best, C or D quality players. How much longer will this continue?

Prior to COVID-craziness running through a majority of the mostly-asymptomatic and highly-vaccinated Cleveland Browns, tickets for Saturday’s home game versus the Raiders were selling for more than $80 minimum, for an upper deck seat. Barring a last-minute postponement, those who purchased tickets not only get to spend their Saturday sitting in 40 degree weather accompanied by rain showers, they get to do so while watching practice squad quarterback Nick Mullens toss passes to Ja’Marcus Bradley.

Would you pay $80 (not including parking, food, beers, etc.) to watch the equivalent of an expanded practice squad repeatedly run belly left with their playoff hopes on the line? I didn’t think so.

At this point, those thinking about purchasing tickets to a pro sporting event – specifically an NFL or NBA game should exercise caution before committing to line the pockets of the selfish pro leagues. Unless the pros decide to issue refunds or deep discounts, they can’t readily expect patrons to continue to pay for a below average product (though, admittedly, Browns fans have been doing that for the better part of two decades).

If games continue to be played rather than postponed, both the NFL and NBA should do something for the fans that paid full price. Rosters that are at less-than full strength because of asinine protocols for a flu-like virus, should not be treated like full-strength, or full-price rosters.

Half-full isn’t anywhere near resembling the product ticket holders paid for.

It’s beyond time for the NFL, NBA, NHL, and all other major sports leagues to end this non-symptom related testing immediately. Games are now being decided by COVID. Strategy is no longer needed.

The data is out there and more clear than ever. This virus, like a bad cold or seasonal flu, isn’t going anywhere – vaccine or not. If these head-scratching protocols continue without change, diluted rosters, especially in the winter months, are going to become the norm.

Not only will wins and losses be drastically altered, but so will sports wagering and player bonuses that are performance or games-played related.

Who wants to invest in that?


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Agreed. Couple this with loser fans who want to get drunk and fight every Sunday, nah I am good. TV is fine for me. You take a risk being spat on, yelled at, cursed at and threatened at an NFL game. Only way to watch in person is in the box suites.

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