Clay Travis: Time To Start Treating COVID Like The Seasonal Flu

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In the last week or so, non-sensical COVID protocols have become quite the storyline throughout professional sports. And OutKick founder Clay Travis has seen enough. Travis, like so many others, is asking that we start treating COVID the same way we would any other virus, such as the flu.

“When do we start treating COVID like the seasonal flu for young, healthy athletes?” asked Travis.

Yesterday, the nationwide-COVID hysteria continued when the fully-vaccinated Chicago Bulls were forced to postpone at least two games because 10 players have entered the league’s Health and Safety protocols.

Pacers wing Justin Holiday returned to the team Sunday after being isolated since November 30th. Holiday isn’t vaccinated and has no plans to get vaccinated. Not surprisingly, the young, healthy, athlete is fine. Browns tight end David Njoku, out with COVID — 25 years old, healthy, active — is fine too.

There’s a pattern here. Is COVID real? Absolutely. So is the flu. Did the NFL or NBA ever cancel games because someone came down with the flu? On the contrary, most consider “the flu game” to be Michael Jordan’s greatest performance.

After two years of coronabro craziness, we have yet to see an active athlete from any of the four major sports die from COVID.

“There are no players that I’m aware of having significant health related issues…high school, college, pro. Really no coaches either,” said Travis.

“If COVID’s never going away, why are we going to treat COVID different than we have every virus that ever existed,” Travis added.

Continuing to live in fear of COVID will only increase game postponements and cause players to miss additional games, whether vaccinated or not. When will it end?

According to Travis, “This is a mental health anxiety disorder as opposed to being a rational response to a legitimate threat.”

You can watch Clay Travis’ full comments on this continued craziness here.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Totally agree that this is madness. This morning at the gym (where we are now required to wear masks thanks to Dictator Kathy Hochul), I was chatting with a guy about the mask lunacy. While he agreed that masks are a hassle, he said that it will help with preventing the flu. That’s where we are folks – people have been brainwashed to think that wearing a mask should be normalized.

  2. Well I totally agree but prolly not happening with the current administration they never mention the invasion of the unvaccinated unvetted hoards invading our country at the southern border but put out tyrannical orders on citizens almost daily. We know have known for a long time this whole deal has been mostly political to change our country if it was really about health that invasion would not be happening.

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