Why Is ESPN So Uninterested In Devin Funchess Using An Anti-Asian Slur?

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What a weekend it was from those looking to be outraged over moments of racism. The usual suspect blue checkmarks were LIVID Sunday over what they deemed to be a Rockies fan yelling the n-word at a black Marlins batter when it turned out he was yelling “DINGER” at the Rockies mascot. Meanwhile, early Sunday morning, Packers wide receiver Devin Funchess was issuing an apology for an anti-Asian slur during a press conference.

During the press conference, Funchess said he could tell when reporters were smiling because their eyes would “go ch–ky.”

Alerted that this was a problem, Funchess fired up his ‘Notes’ app to pen the apology.

“I have grown to develop deep personal and business relationships in the Asian community!” Funchess wrote into Notes.”I meant no harm, and those that know me know I have love and respect for all cultures and people. I will learn from this and continue to grow as a person. I’m forever sorry!”

BOOM, end of the story for the usual suspect blue checkmarks. It disappeared. Don’t take my word for it. Take the word of ESPN staff writer Joon Lee, who was frustrated Sunday over the lack of media coverage of this incident. We’re talking in less than 24 hours the sports world had moved on from Funchess.

What’s the point here? Well, look what’s on the main sidebar this morning over at ESPN.com. The wokes at the Worldwide Leader sure aren’t ready to let go of the Rockies incident that the team cleared on Monday.

ESPN Rockies n-word narrative

Now let’s see how much coverage of a white guy yelling DINGER has received on ESPN vs. how much coverage Funchess received for an anti-Asian slur that is right there on video and there’s no denying it. Again, the Rockies have cleared the fan. ESPN even did a one-minute, thirty-nine-second report on the Rockies non-troversy.

And now the Funchess anti-Asian slur content from ESPN. One item and done:

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  1. We’re used to it. For decades it’s been verboten to say anything negative about blacks in movies, television or for comedians but fake asian language is still allowed.
    Really, if you want to look at real AAPI racism, study the admission rates of the IVY leagues where they added a couple qualifiers, leadership and social skills to their admissions logarithm. Of course, there are no Asian leaders nor are there any Asians who are gregarious. We all just slink into the background at parties and know our place.

  2. All you need to do is carry your handy “Oppression Chart” to figure these things out. Blacks, muslims, gays, trans weirdos, are at the top and everyone else is filtered lower. If you’re White, straight, male, christian, and conservative, you know what place you’re in.

  3. Asians shrug that garbage off but blacks throw a temper tantrum if anything remotely possibly construed as negative (“master bedroom”) is used in their presence.

    We all know those with low self-esteem are the most sensitive to any perceived criticism. And we also know that those with low self-esteem usually know better than anyone else their own true value… which is why they have low self-esteem.

    • Ding ding. And there it is! Self esteem/self worth is the cause of most of these issues. Social justice keyboard warriors who scour online to cancel others and call sponsors have no self esteem and are worthless individuals.

  4. Yeah this narrative largely faded out of the news once evidence showed 99% of the cases/videos were blacks violently attacking Asians on the street and Asian businesses.

    Remember the LA riots? Rioters went out of there way to burn & loot Asian businesses because nothing says justice quite like a free tv and sneakers.

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