Rockies Fan May Have Been Yelling “Dinger” — The Name Of The Team Mascot (Update)

The latest rush to claim someone is racist and yelling racist things at a baseball player seems to have taken a plot twist as a new video has emerged seemingly showing a Rockies fan yelling “DINGER” towards the team’s mascot and not a racial slur at Marlins player Lewis Brinson.

The game footage shows a Rockies fan sitting in the first row behind home plate waving his arm towards the mascot who was a section over. That game footage didn’t stop the Rockies from issuing a strongly worded statement Sunday towards the man in question.

You make the call here. Was Rockies fan launching a racist attack on the Marlins player or simply looking to interact with DINGER the mascot?

The usual suspects hoping this is some racial moment they can jump on swear they hear the n-word, yet the guy who was at the plate didn’t hear the word and not a single guy in the dugout hear the word.

“Neither Lewis, nor any other Marlins on the field or in the dugout, heard what was shouted,” Miami spokesman Jason Latimer told the Associated Press. “We brought the matter to the attention of the Rockies. How the matter is being handled, I would have to defer to them.”

Update: the guy was yelling “DINGER.”

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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      • Amen! Further, what white person in their right mind would sit behind home plate (or anywhere at a game) and yell “N***er”? The media wants so bad to believe that all white people sit around and scram N***er all day long. It is fake. All of my white friends and acquaintances don’t give two shits about anyone’s color. It is a fake narrative.

  1. What’s scary about this is how quick organizations are to immediately agree something racist happened, and make that public. The Rockies statement calls it a “racial slur incident” before fully investigating it and learning the facts. It’s so disappointing to see that.

    • It’s because they have to prove how woke they are instantly. Even before they actually know what was said. They are so scared of the twitter mob calling them racist that all logical thought goes out the window and it is just pander pander pander. Pretty gross where we are as a society right now. There’s a segment of the population that craves racist behavior and since we aren’t a racist society they have to look really really hard for it and usually when they finally think they found something it turns out to be bullshit. There are more hoaxes or misunderstandings than actual acts.

  2. There is a 0% chance that somebody seated at a public venue with a zillion ppl sitting in close proximity to him – is going to yell out the N word.

    Liberals believe he did though because they WANT TO. Just like the fake Russiagate gaslighting

  3. Breaking News: The Rockies fan was wearing a KKK white hood, had Nazi tattoos on both forearms, and was swinging a noose over his head while shouting White Lives Matter. Accurate information is impossible to come by these days. My story is just a plausible as the next respected news source. My version comes from well respected, anonymous sources.

  4. I’m telling you , some of these instances make me never want to get close seats at any sporting event. All the cameras, all the things that can be misconstrued as “racist”, from expressions, gestures, phrases, combined with cameras and smartphones and social media…this poor guy was just trying to get the attention of the mascot….geez.

  5. Since the word Dinger is used for a home run I’ll bet just about every player has said it at some point. That’s probably why nobody reacted. They hear it every day. I agree with the comment about the Rockies changing the name of their mascot.They will cave. No doubt.

  6. I remember the good ol days when there were real racist, white supremacist incidents….like Jussie Smollet being attacked at 2am in freezing temperatures by MAGA wearing nazis in downtown Chicago, a haven of Klan activity. And who can forget the systemic racism of Nascar track garage doors handles that were obviously used to lynch black Nascar drivers. It’s my understanding the FBI sent in their 15 man garage door handle noose team to assist the Rockies with their investigation. That old man is definitely a right wing fan and domestic terrorist.

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