‘Who Gives A Sh*t?’ Nick Saban Unleashes Incredible Rant

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Alabama football coach Nick Saban is on a roll before the season has even officially started.

The Crimson Tide open against Utah State this Saturday at 7:30 pm EST, and Alabama is expected to absolutely obliterate the Aggies.

However, Saban doesn’t want to hear one single word about the rest of the season. All he cares about is what is going to happen Saturday night.

Nick Saban goes on another epic rant. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

“Can’t you figure out something better to do than that? I mean, come on. We’ve got to play one game at a time. How can Alabama lose to this team? How can this team beat Alabama? Three months from now, who gives a sh*t? I mean, how about this game? How about the church of what’s happening now? Can we focus on what’s happening now? How come nobody’s interested in that? How come we have to go all the way,” Saban said as he tore about the media and people adding extra pressure to the program.

This is truly classic Saban, and again, the Crimson Tide haven’t even played a game yet, and he’s already absolutely crushing the media and people trying to hype up his team.

In the same segment, he reminded people rat poison is bad, and it’s apparently worse than it has ever been a day out from the season starting.

More than anything, it seems like Saban is just setting the stage to absolutely obliterate everything in his way during his revenge tour.

Alabama football coach Nick Saban rants about people looking ahead. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Wait, that’s not rat poison I’m feeding the Alabama Crimson Tide at this point, is it? Honestly, it’s getting incredibly hard to tell at this point.

Saban makes it seem like if you have any ounce of confidence in his team, you’re the problem. As I’ve said before, nobody plays the underdog role better than the only man in college football with seven national title rings. It’s truly an art.

When does Alabama play Utah State? (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Never change, Saban. Never change.

Written by David Hookstead

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