White Sox Shooting Happened After Woman Smuggled Gun In ‘Folds Of Belly Fat’

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Well the recent shooting at the Chicago White Sox game continues to get even weirder.

During Friday’s home game against the Oakland A’s, two fans were reportedly struck by bullets in the left field bleachers.


Video of the incident made its way to social media, as you can see several fans stand up and look surprised in the middle of their section, near the walkway.

As of Monday afternoon, the Chicago Police Department said it had ruled out that the shot came from outside the White Sox’ stadium. While still saying they were “exploring every lead” and continuing to investigate.

“(A shot) coming from outside is something we’ve almost completely dispelled,” said Fred Waller, interim superintendent of CPD. “We’re still looking at every avenue. It’s still under investigation. Something from inside, it could’ve happened that way. We’re looking at every avenue, exploring every lead and everything that we can get.”

Well an ESPN Reporter in Chicago seems to have answered the question about the shooting while raising some others.

Peggy Kusinski posted Tuesday that the shooting was an “accidental discharge” set off by one of the women who was “grazed” by the bullet itself. How did the woman actually get the gun into the White Sox game? That’s where it gets weird.

According to Kusinski, she “snuck the gun in past metal detectors hiding it in the folds of her belly fat.”

Oh boy.

White Sox
Fans wait for security workers to allow them entry through metal detectors for a game between the Chicago White Sox and Oakland Athletics at Guaranteed Rate Field Aug. 26, 2023, in Chicago.

White Sox Fan Raises Significant Questions

While the ESPN report would explain the shooting, it’s still an immensely bizarre situation. And raises any number of secondary questions about the incident.

Is using “folds of belly fat” a known workaround to avoid metal detectors? How many “folds” exactly do you need to have in order to fool security?

Did this woman know ahead of time that it would work because she’d done it before? How did she even think to test it, if so?

And of course, why did she even feel the need to bring a gun to a baseball game anyway?

It’s an incredibly strange series of events, and while it seems like the fans involved are visible in the video, it’s hard to say for sure. Chicago PD seemingly hasn’t confirmed that this is, in fact, the methodology she used to get the gun in the stadium.

But that report seems to be pretty definitive. While also being confusing and hilarious.

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