White Sox Pitcher Mike Clevinger Chooses ‘Gold Digger’ As Warm Up Music, Referencing Offseason Accusations

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Chicago White Sox pitcher Mike Clevinger didn’t exactly hide his feelings before Friday’s game.

Clevinger was the subject of an MLB investigation during the off season after accusations of domestic abuse.

An ex-girlfriend made extensive allegations against him, including abuse and throwing used tobacco on their 10-month-old child.

The White Sox said they had no knowledge of this when signing him to a contract, and Clevinger strongly denied the accusations.

Then in March, the league’s investigation concluded with Clevinger essentially being cleared of wrongdoing.


He took the mound for his first home start of the season on Friday and made a not-so-subtle reference to the off field issues with his choice of warm up song.

Unsurprisingly, the song choice attracted a lot of attention from the media.

Mike Clevinger
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – APRIL 14: Mike Clevinger #52 of the Chicago White Sox throws a pitch during the first inning against the Baltimore Orioles at Guaranteed Rate Field on April 14, 2023 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)

Clevinger Prickly When Asked About Song Choice

Clevinger pitched six scoreless innings Friday, with just one hit allowed to go along with five strikeouts and five walks. Despite the relatively strong performance, the White Sox lost 6-3.

But all the media wanted to talk about afterwards was Clevinger’s song choice.

The Chicago Tribune asked him what inspired the decision and, well, he didn’t take it too well.

“Are you a music producer? No? OK. Well if you have a baseball question, I’m here for you,” he said in response. 

He did, in fact, also talk about baseball.

“I don’t want to say we just beat ourselves,” Clevinger explained, “but it feels like every game we kind of feel like we beat ourselves.”

But given the focus on the song choice, it should be fascinating to see if “Gold Digger” becomes a recurring choice for Clevinger throughout the season.

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