HBO’s Upcoming Watergate Scandal Series Looks Very Captivating

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“White House Plumbers” with Woody Harrelson looks like it’s going to be a very fun show.

The limited political series focuses on the actions of Howard Hunt (Woody Harrelson), Gordon Liddy (Justin Theroux) and other members of the White House’s famous White House Plumbers crew during the Watergate scandal.

The legendary scandal ultimately forced Richard Nixon to resign as the President and cost many government officials their jobs. Now, the story of Hunt, Liddy and others will come to HBO starting in March 2023.

The first preview for the political drama has set the bar very high.

“White House Plumbers” is based on a true story.

Obviously, most people are aware of the basics of the Watergate scandal. Operatives working for Nixon broke into the DNC’s headquarters at the Watergate hotel in Washington D.C., and a massive cover-up was launched to conceal the actions. The cover-up ultimately failed and saw the Nixon administration collapse.

Hunt, a former CIA operative, has always been viewed as the leader of the White House Plumbers. He was a very mysterious man, and you could find yourself down a deep rabbit hole on the internet if you decide to do a bunch of research.

Justin Theroux and Woody Harrelson will star in “White House Plumbers” on HBO. (Credit: HBO)

As it’s alluded to in the preview, there has long been speculation that Hunt knew more about the JFK assassination than the public did. That’s never been proven, and allegations he might have been involved in some capacity have certainly never been backed up by any credible evidence. In fact, any claims about Hunt and JFK are pretty much pure conspiracy theories. Yet, that hasn’t stopped them from spreading for decades.

What we do know for a fact is that he was 100% involved in Watergate, and Harrelson will now play the legendary figure on “White House Plumbers.”

“White House Plumbers” premieres on HBO March 2023. The series tells the story of the Watergate scandal. (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

For anyone who loves politics and history, Harrelson’s latest project will likely be a must-watch series. I’m 100% sold on watching the Hollywood star as the shadowy man that was Howard Hunt.

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