White Female BBC Presenter Suggests England’s Women’s Soccer Team Is Too White

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England’s Women’s soccer team has a problem on their hands – they’re too white!

At least that’s the opinion BBC presenter Eilidh Barbour shared during a Tuesday evening broadcast of the UEFA European Women’s Football Championship.

Rather than applaud England’s victory over Norway from the previous night, Barbour instead used a break in the action to point out that the winning team, made up of white athletes, isn’t diverse enough.

“An historic eight-goal victory for England last night as the lionesses secured their place in the quarter-finals but all starting eleven players and the five substitutes that came on to the pitch were all white and that does point towards a lack of diversity in the women’s game.”

As if Barbour’s comment alone wasn’t ridiculous enough, consider the fact that she’s flat-out wrong about England’s roster. Though they weren’t amongst the players on the pitch Monday evening, the women’s team has a trio of players with a minority background: Jess Carter, Demi Stokes, and Nikita Parris.

Barbour is swimming in a sea of wokeness and doesn’t realize she waded into the deep end.

Former British Labour Party MP Kate Hoey saw Barbour’s absurd take and couldn’t keep herself from responding, tweeting: “When we had an all black mens team in some athletics events did the BBC draw attention to that. Of course not. This is pathetic sports reporting.”

Darren Grimes, a British political commentator, refused to throw Barbour a life raft – pointing out the BBC’s obvious race-baiting. “The BBC are obsessed. What’s so wrong with the Lionesses being white? Is the suggestion here that black players are being unfairly discriminated against? If so, does the BBC have any evidence for this claim? It’s the constant race-baiting that baffles me,” Grimes said via tweet.

Should anyone have the misfortune of sitting for a game of poker with Barbour, they won’t need to guess what she’s holding. It’s obvious she prefers to play the race card.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. I think a third party influence is scripting these things beforehand. What “sports person” would think like that to analyze a game? “To understand keys to victory, the first place to start is, obviously, examining the racial composition of the roster for England.” Creepy.

    It’s no surprise, knowing the worldview most have, but the number of journalists and reporters who’ve become the pathetically willing water carriers for anti-humanity propagandists continues to grow.

  2. I am fortunate to be at a time in my life that I have total discretion re: who I spend time with. Yes, I deal with the occasional obtuse personality on-line but those are a simple “click” and “poof” they are gone.
    Imagine being in a daily office environ with whack jobs like this gal. Having to cooperate and tolerate such crap in staff meetings etc….. to anyone who has to … my sympathies.

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