Boston College Will Wear Epic Uniforms Honoring 9/11 Hero

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Boston College will honor Welles Crowther during the team’s Saturday game against Florida State.

The Eagles have an annual “Red Bandana” game honoring the school’s former lacrosse player who gave his life to save people on 9/11.

Crowther was in the South Tower when it was struck by a plane hijacked by al-Qaeda terrorists. With death and carnage all around him, Crowther used a red bandana to help people see where he was so they could escape.

He led complete strangers to safety and continued to go back to get more and more people out. He never made it out before the South Tower collapsed.

Now, Boston College wears special uniforms honoring Crowther’s incredible sacrifice, and will do it again today against the Seminoles.

Check out the incredible uniforms below.

Boston College’s “Red Bandana” game honors Welles Crowther.

A lot of people reading this probably think they would have stayed back and helped people like Welles Crowther did.

I’d like to think I would, but the truth is you don’t know how you’d react in that situation until it happens. As I like to say, everyone thinks they’re a gunfighter until the first round cracks off and it’s time to do what gunfighters do.

Well, Welles Crowther showed no hesitation. He paid the ultimate price to save the lives of people in the South Tower he didn’t even know.

Boston College honors Welles Crowther with the “Red Bandana” game. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

In our country’s darkest moments, our greatest people shine through. Nineteen scumbag terrorists hijacked planes on 9/11 and killed thousands of Americans.

Yet, through all the horror, people rushed to help. Americans came together in a moment of extreme terror and did what they could to help.

Welles Crowther was one of those people, and that’s the kind of unbreakable spirit that makes the USA the greatest country on Earth.

So, today as you watch Boston College and Florida State, crack a cold beer, raise a toast and take a moment to be grateful that men like Welles Crowther ever lived.

Written by David Hookstead

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