‘We Need To Call Out Hypocrisy In All of Its Forms’: Tomi Lahren

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When it comes to hypocrisy, Tomi Lahren said we need to call it out in all of its forms.

Greg Norman appeared on Fox News Nation with Brian Kilmeade Saturday and said he was “disappointed” the PGA Tour suspended players for joining the Saudi-backed LIV Golf series. Norman also pointed out the hypocrisy with some of the PGA’s and LPGA’s sponsors having $40+ billion worth of business in Saudi Arabia.


Lahren said the sports community has a conflict of interest when it comes to what they want to call out and what they don’t.

“If we’re talking about blood money here, would that mean the NBA and players like King James — LeBron — would that mean they are playing for blood money because of their continuing cozying up to China?” Lahren said. “Would it be the MLB cozying up to Cuba and also China?”


“If you’re going to start calling out atrocities, let’s also call out the numerous players, leagues, owners, that cozy up to the Black Lives Matter organization that is committed to defunding and demonizing police,” she continued.

Lahren said her first guest on Tomi Lahren is Fearless, professional golfer and two-time major champion John Daly, will be the perfect person to talk to about this.

“We’re gonna call out everything woke,” Lahren said about what individuals can expect from her new show. “We are starting with woke sports, woke entertainment, woke corporations, and woke media.”

Here’s everything Tomi Lahren had to say:

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  1. ok, GIVE UP! Leftist do NOT care about “hypocrisy” — To them it does not exist. When you live in a world where “feelings” matter more than “reality,” then one CANNOT be a hypocrite. Hypocrisy ONLY exists in a world of “logic” and/or “reason.” Leftists do NOT live in that world.

    • Leftists live in a world of “emotion” or “feeling.” This is NOT a world of reality. This is how they can say Bruce Jenner is actually “Caitlin.” REALITY does not matter when you live in a world of emotion . In a world of “emotion” or “feeling,” then if Bruce FEELS like “Caitlin,” the it is so. It’s so hard to describe if one does NOT live in that world — which conversely makes it hard for the to understand those of us who use logic and reason. Philosopher Immanuel Kant wrote whole books on the rejection of “reason.” This was the predecessor of Marx, Lenin and Hitler. They claim to be “Anti-fascist,” but that is because they live in an alternate reality where “feelings” matter more than truth or reality.

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