WATCH: Gisele Bündchen Works The Stripper Pole In New Ad

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Things have been relatively quiet on the Gisele Bündchen front lately. You know, since the whole scenic horseback ride with her Jiu-Jitsu “friend” a couple of months ago. And that photo shoot in Miami where she was dangerously close to falling out of a thong swimsuit.

That doesn’t mean Gisele has just been sitting around taking care of the kids. Those days are over. The kids are old enough to handle mom being away for a few days, plus the forced dad duty for Tom Brady that the divorce has provided, and she’s all the way back.

Gisele Bündchen Works The Stripper Pole In New Ad
Gisele Bundchen during 2023 Carnival parades at Marquês de Sapucaí Sambodrome in Brazil (Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images)

We’re talking photo shoots and ad campaigns. Gisele’s a full blown supermodel again. I couldn’t tell you if there was a product they were featuring in her latest campaign or if this was an ad announcing the Brazilian model’s official comeback.

I think it’s for footwear, but it could be for handbags, maybe skimpy outfits, or even the stripper pole. It’s lost on me. However, the fact that Gisele is back is not.

The caption of the Gisele working the stripper pole ad leaves little confusion about that. It reads, “She’s back and more powerful than ever! This is her moment! And you? What is yours?”

Back at the end of January, when Gisele was falling out of her thong swimsuit, I said that I was neither team Brady or team Bündchen following their split.

That’s changed and I’m team Bündchen all the way. I didn’t realize that we were being deprived of this sort of content when Gisele was semi-retired.

Gisele’s Back And This Is Her Moment

While I still don’t think that Brady should have been forced into retirement, and Gisele could have stuck it out another couple of seasons, she knew what was best.

She knew that there was no stopping Brady, not even retirement. Hell the threat of a divorce from his supermodel wife wasn’t going to keep him at home.

Brady filmed a movie last year in his “free time.” He’s been in all kinds of commercials and at some point is planning to get into the broadcast booth.

Take it from a team Bündchen guy, Gisele had no choice. She had to go through with the divorce and she had to force weekends with dad. It was the only way to crank the modeling career back up.

She’s not in her 20s anymore, the content has to get going sooner than later and here it is. Gisele is back.

Written by Sean Joseph

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