Wanted Georgia Man Arrested After Applying For Job… At Police Department

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A Georgia man with a warrant for his arrest has been detained after applying for a job to work with the police.

Man do I love how when the headlines just write themselves. I mean, are any more details really necessary?

Yes, because it gets better. Read along.

Justin Carter was arrested after applying for a job as a police officer. (Monticello Police Department)


24-year-old Justin Carter has had a nationwide warrant out for his arrest after multiple probation violations in the state of Georgia. The fugitive, however, eventually realized he would need some money for his Catch Me If You Can running from police lifestyle. So while hiding out in South Carolina, he applied online… to be a police officer in Arkansas.

According to the Monticello Police Department, when Carter came in to interview for the position, there were “discrepancies” in his application – which Carter had submitted under a fake name.

Well, the police being the police, found out his real identity in less than a day. Carter apparently wasn’t aware that computers – especially in the police department – store quite a bit of identification information.

Next, the police then invited him back “for a follow-up interview” but really they were setting him up to be arrested.

They eventually did, but not before they made him go through the entire physical fitness test.

So there was Carter, probably in no shape whatsoever to be a police officer, let alone able to go through a physical challenge – doing just that. Once done, probably sweating like a tidal wave, he then likely really began sweating upon finding out he had been caught.

He was arrested on the spot and transported back to Georgia.

And the craziest part of everything? He’s not the first person to try this. I literally wrote about a woman that was a fugitive that applied for a job as a police officer less than a year ago.

Geniuses everywhere!

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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