Wade Phillips Goes With Michael Scott Ageism Theory On Why He’s Not In The NFL

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Wade Phillips is pulling a page right out of Michael Scott’s playbook as the reason why he’s no longer coaching in the NFL.

Phillips, 75, simply said he thinks he’s too old.

“I hate to say it but I think it’s age. It’s hard to beat my record as a coordinator so there’s got to be another reason,” Phillips said. “But that’s ok. I’m glad to be doing what I’m doing.”

Wade Phillips.
Wade Phillips is now in the XFL. (Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images)

Wade Phillips too old for NFL, but perfect for XFL

Ageism! It’s a classic Office episode, and a classic Michael Scott moment. I guess big Wade may have a point, too?

The NFL is clearly going younger with just about every coaching move, although there are a few exceptions. The Miami Dolphins just hired 64-year-old Vic Fangio as their defensive coordinator, while Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick are both 70.

Shoot, the Panthers also just brought in 72-year-old Dom Capers, who actually NAILED the Creed Bratton look.

Dom Capers.

Hilarious. Great scene, great episode, great series. No shot it would ever work today, though. Wouldn’t last 10 minutes.

Anyway, poor Wade. He was an NFL legend back in his prime, and made a name for himself as a defensive coordinator. Phillips also went 82-64 as a head coach. Not too bad for an old-timer!

Phillips, by the way, is now doing just fine as head coach of the XFL’s Houston Roughnecks.

They’re off to a 2-0 start, so take that, haters!

“My niche in the NFL was defensive coordinator,” Phillips added. “My record’s pretty good as head coach. It was fun being a head coach. I didn’t do terrible.”

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