Vols AD Makes Biggest Move Of The Year, Improving Beer Sales At Neyland

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Vols head coach Josh Heupel stated that his team is “hungry for more” after dominating Missouri, 62-24. As for Vols fans, they’ve apparently been thirsty for more, which is why Tennessee Athletic Director Danny White announced that Neyland Stadium will be increasing its beer service and adding more stations.

On Friday, White addressed fan complaints that have swelled up to the Vols’ concessions group regarding lines for alcohol longer than a midnight movie release in the 2000’s. Or close to it.

Per the announcement:

Additional beer servers will be added to most of the second level stands

Heavy traffic in sections Y8 and Z12 will be accommodated with their own beer stands, along with the ZZ15 area

More staff will be hired to accommodate the additional alcohol stations

White also announced that beer sales have seen a whopping 68 percent increase since Week 1. The new additions are expected to roll in to Neyland as early as this week’s conference matchup against the South Carolina Buzzcoc…Gamecocks.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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