Virginia Teachers Refused to Tell Students About Academic Honors Based on Race

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Remember when the prevailing goal in the education system was to help students reach their potential? Those days are long gone.

Instead, academic merit and achievement among students has been reduced to a secondary, inconvenient concern.

What educators now view as their highest priority is “equity,” or attempting to achieve universal outcomes, not equal opportunity.

So called equity has infested the American education system to remarkably absurd degrees. That’s meant that even fairly innocuous issues are now entirely viewed the lens of race.

Every decision revolves around their attempts to force equity at all costs.

This manifested itself in a recent story at an elite high school in Northern Virginia, where progressive educators put their priorities above honesty.

According to the New York Post, Ann Bonitatibus and other administrators “have been withholding notifications of National Merit awards from the school’s families.”

That means that students have been denied the opportunity to use that achievement to boost their odds of college admission. Not to mention losing out on potential scholarships based on academic merit.

Why would they do this, you might be asking.

Well, because of “equity,” of course!

The director of student services at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology admitted they withheld the information on purpose.

“We want to recognize students for who they are as individuals, not focus on their achievements,” he said.

Virginia High school refused to tell students about academic honors.
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia. (Getty Images)

Students Denied Opportunities

It makes your blood boil, doesn’t it?

After they were caught ignoring the awards and potentially costing students admission or scholarship opportunities, administrators apologized.

But the damage had been done, all in service of a nonsensical progressive agenda.

Because that’s what equity actually means in practice, hurting others to make preferred groups feel better.

Elite institutions have been so completely captured by left wing ideology that education has firmly taken a back seat.

Instead, they now focus on gender identity, protecting ideology ahead of students.


School principal Ann Bonitatibus still hasn’t delivered the certificates awarded to National Merit students.

But she did find time to pose for her Twitter heading photo, featuring her and other teachers fully masked.

This is what the modern education system chooses to focus its energies on. Signaling allegiance to liberal political talking points instead of promoting academic achievement.

Unsurprisingly, the story’s been almost entirely ignored by major media outlets. Why? Because they agree with the administrator’s activist agenda.

With that kind of support, these problems are inevitably going to get worse and worse.

Written by Ian Miller

Ian Miller is a former award watching high school actor, ice cream expert and long suffering Dodgers fan. He spends most of his time golfing, eating as much pizza as humanly possible, reading about World War I history, and trying to get the remote back from his dog. Follow him on Twitter.

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