Vikings Broadcaster Saved By SWAT Team From A VERY Drunk Commanders Fan In A John Riggins Jersey

Twenty-year Minnesota Vikings broadcaster Paul Allen got testy with a Washington Commanders fan during the Week 9 Minnesota win, 20-17, reportedly requiring a SWAT team to intervene before Allen and the drunken fan were to duke things out.

According to Allen’s testimony, shared with KFAN on Monday, an unruly fan was heckling the broadcaster during the tight battle between the Vikings and Commanders.

The Washington fan was also allegedly bugging Allen for having a Vikings sticker on his laptop.

“Don’t touch my stuff,” Allen warned the aggressive fan, who was launching F-bombs in the background of Allen’s coverage.

Paul Allen Has A Crumby Day

During one occasion, the Washington faithful began throwing bits of bread at Allen while the latter observed the action on the field with binoculars.

“I felt things hitting me. Like little parts of a hot dog bun,” Allen shared. “Not, like, batteries or anything. But things were hitting me! When I was on my binoculars calling a play, the guy was flicking things at me.”

At one point, Allen snapped after absorbing enough verbal jabs.

“Then we go to break, and I flipped up my headphones so I wasn’t speaking into the mic, and I used language — vociferously, loudly, directly — and just got right in this guy’s face,” Allen said.


“I was like, ‘I don’t know who the F you think you are, but we’re trying to do a bleeping job here. If you respectfully could let us do our job, we’d appreciate it, so get the F out of [our] face.'”

Suddenly, a group of brolic dudes in tactical gear appeared to break things up — a nice twist of fate for the annoying Commanders fan.

“I turned around and three S.W.A.T. members in full garb, toting assault rifles, came into the VOX box,” Allen said. “Just envision those cartoon characters with the chiseled faces, and then the army generals or whatever, and he was just mean-looking!”

The only question remains: where was Patrick Bateman in all of this?

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