Video From US Open Appears To Show Patrick Reed, Caddie Trying To Get Fan Ejected For Calling Reed A Cheater

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Patrick Reed is not particularly popular amongst the golf community. Fans don’t like him. Other players don’t seem to care much for him. And he’s a cheater. A fan at the US Open reminded him about his ugly past and Reed and his caddie — his wife’s brother, Kessler Karain — apparently tried to get police to eject the fan.

Now, we can’t be certain that’s what took place. But a video on Twitter shows Reed’s caddie pointing at a fan and saying “This one.”

Then, a voice — from what appears to be a nearby police officer — is heard asking, “What did you say?”

To which the fan replies, “I called him a cheater.”

Then, someone starts laughing.


All the context we have is in this video. Whether or not the fan only called him a cheater, we don’t know. Though, the police officer doesn’t seem particularly concerned about the situation.

We can see Patrick Reed’s caddie following his group up to the 9th tee box, based on the sign. Reed was three-over par following the eighth hole and shot a particularly terrible eight-over 78 for the round.

Safe to say Reed was not in the mood to hear any chirping from fans.

Patrick Reed and his caddie talk together during the 123rd U.S. Open Championship at The Los Angeles Country Club.
Patrick Reed and his caddie talk together during the 123rd U.S. Open Championship at The Los Angeles Country Club. (Photo by Ben Jared/PGA TOUR via Getty Images)

However, as long as the fan didn’t say it during his backswing, calling someone a cheater is not grounds for dismissal from a golfer tournament. Especially when the golfer that someone calls a cheater is … well, a cheater.

Tthe University of Georgia kicked him out of school for cheating. Plus, he’s done it on camera.

More than once.

So, yeah.

If you’re a cheater, be prepared for people to call you a cheater.

Take it like a man and own your own failures.

That’s not Patrick Reed’s style, though, and everyone knows it.

I can’t figure out why everyone seems to hate him?

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