VIDEO: Outdoor Wedding Interrupted By A Bear Attacking A Moose

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A wedding in Montana was ruined — or perhaps greatly improved depending on your perspective — when a bear started attacking a moose.

It happened in Glacier National Park which has an abundance of all three key ingredients for this video: bears, moose, and apparently, outdoor weddings.

Wedding ceremonies are dullsville. It’s the price you pay to have access to a bar later on in the day. Thankfully for the folks who attended these nuptials, Mother Nature had something in store that was infinitely more interesting than the self-written vows.

The wedding was unfolding as per usual when all of a sudden one of Glacier’s residents decided to liven things up a little bit.

That’s the circle of life for you. It’s beautiful and sad at the time, like a Brittney Spears Instagram post.

At least, the bear got a hold of a moose and not a member of the wedding party. That’s for the bear’s safety; it probably would’ve choked on one of the cummerbunds.

Grizzly Bear
A grizzly bear, similar to the one that drastically improved a recent destination wedding at Glacier National Park. (Photo by: Avalon/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

The Bear Made That Wedding Tolerable

This was a best-case scenario for that wedding, at least from a guest’s perspective. It’s probably a safe assumption that everyone in attendance had to burn vacation days to attend this wedding. If it happened over the weekend, they were probably missing football.

At least now when someone asks one of the guests, “Hey, how was that wedding you had to go to?” they can talk about how an episode of Planet Earth broke out during it.”

I feel like the bride might be upset that she was upstaged by several hundred pounds of moose-eating grizzly.

She owes that grizzly a thank you. None of her dumb friends will have a more memorable wedding. They’ll try, but they’ll fail extravagantly.

You can have all the chocolate fountains, photo booths, and take-home centerpieces they want, they’ll never top the wedding with the bear eating a moose.

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