Bridesmaid Gets Handsy With The Groom As Wedding Photos Are Taken

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A wedding photographer captured a couple of interesting shots during a post-ceremony photo shoot. The photos show a bridesmaid appearing to get a little handsy with the groom as the wedding party poses for the camera.

The newlywed bride noticed the interesting photos when the photographer handed over the finished product. She took the matter to TikTok and her video quickly went viral. She caption the video, “Getting your wedding photos back and notice something.”

Bridesmaid Groping Husband
Bridesmaid appears to get handsy with groom (Image Credit: Heather Lynn/TikTok)

What she noticed was one of her bridesmaids with her arm around the groom’s arm. In another photo she appears to be close to grabbing his crotch. Yet another showed the two holding hands. The photos certainly grab your attention.

But, in a follow-up video, the groom explains what actually happened after the October wedding. Or does he? There are some who showed up in the comment section that weren’t convinced.

Bridesmaid Gets Handsy With The Groom As Wedding Photos Are Taken
Now these are memorable wedding photos (Image Credit: Heather Lynn/TikTok)

Here’s what the husband had to say, “So a bunch of you speculated what happened and, uh, she did just lose her balance and was grabbing on to me.”

“The photographer told the bridal party to do a crazy pose while my wife and I were kissing and she did and almost fell over.”

“She did not touch my crotch, it just looks like she did,” he added.

Everyone Wants To Remember Their Wedding Day, Don’t They?

The groom’s explanation seems like a reasonable one. The bridesmaid simply fell over and used his crotch area to catch herself. He then held her hand as she regained her balance.

That’s not as much fun as assuming the two are completely insane and can’t keep their hands off of each other. All while standing next to the bride and having their picture taken.

It’s a simple case of the picture not telling the whole story. Nothing to see here, they all lived happily ever after and the couple has some of the most memorable wedding photos in existence.

Written by Sean Joseph

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