Tom Brady’s Biggest Fan Rushes To His Defense After Devastating Postseason Loss

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Veronika Rajek doesn’t think Tom Brady is to blame for the Cowboys blowing out the Buccaneers in the playoffs.

Brady and the Bucs were run off the field Monday night during a lopsided 31-14 loss to Dak Prescott and Dallas. Following the loss, Brady’s seemingly biggest fan took to Instagram to defend the QB.

“I’m just sorry. But one guy cannot play for everyone on the field. TB you did your best like always,” Rajek wrote on her Instagram story.

Veronika Rajek defends Tom Brady after the Buccaneers lose to the Cowboys. (Credit: Veronika Rajek/Instagram via TMZ)

Veronika Rajek defends Tom Brady.

Ever since Brady got divorced from his ex-wife Gisele, Veronika Rajek has been hyping him up on a regular basis. Why?

Nobody seems to know and there’s no clear explanation. However, she’s a huge fan of Brady and she’s made that clear time after time. Back in December, she declared her love for him!

When the team faltered Monday night, she came to his defense. At this point, it would have been surprising if she didn’t.

To be clear, Brady did put up some numbers, but he was hardly a star Monday night. He threw for 351 yards and two touchdowns, but that’s only part of the story. He also threw a pick, averaged just 5.3 yards an attempt and only completed just 53% of his passes. A bit of a mixed bag.

Maybe, just maybe, Veronika Rajek should relax a bit with throwing the rest of the Bucs under the bus for the loss. Brady could also have played much better.

Veronika Rajek defends Tom Brady after postseason loss to the Dallas Cowboys. (Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

However, loyalty is a great value to have, and Veronika Rajek has it in spades when it comes to Tom Brady. There’s no doubt she’s all in on him no matter what happens.

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