Van Jones Scolds ‘Black Community’ For Silence Over Kanye West

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Political commentator Van Jones has inserted himself into the Kanye West debacle, apologizing to the Jewish community “for the silence of my community” after West’s recent praise of Hitler and Nazis.

In a speech given at the United Jewish Appeal Federation of New York, Jones, who is black, added that the “silence is over” and that is unacceptable to allow “an African American icon praising Hitler and Nazis, and we act like we don’t know where that hatred came from.”

“You’re going to see a change going forward,” he added.

Kanye West continues to praise Hitler, Nazis

Jones’ comments come on the heels of yet another bizarre twist in the West saga, which began last month when he tweeted that he would go “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE.”

The antisemetic remark led to immense backlash, with several companies and sports figures severing ties with West.

Both his Twitter and Instagram accounts were locked, Forbes said it cost him his Billionaire status after Adidas cut ties and the CAA talent agency dropped him from its clientele.

Last week, West doubled down on his stance, telling Alex Jones that Hitler really wasn’t that bad of a person, he brought good things to the table and we as a society need to “stop dissing the Nazis.”

Van Jones.
Van Jones not happy with ‘black community’ over Kanye West ‘silence’. (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Unfinished Live)

Jones later said that everyone needs to “come together” and support one another.

“We feel awful as long as we’re turning against each other,” he added. “We feel awful. But when we come together, we’re awesome. And we’re going to be awesome together.

“The reason this country is a democracy at all is because Black and Jewish people have loved each other, and helped each other, and supported each other, and stood up for each other.”

Shockingly, the folks over at did NOT appreciate Jones’ insinuation that black people have given Kanye West a pass for his comments.

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  1. Why does anyone take being lumped into a community? Or allowed to be “spoken for” as if you are too stupid to do it yourself? It’s condescending as shit.

    If a white guy got up and tried to speak for me or the “white community”, I’d tell him to go f himself.

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