USWNT’s Carli Lloyd Defends Herself For Standing During National Anthem

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USWNT’s Carli Lloyd is in hot water over her choice to stand for the national anthem. We’re not sure what all the fuss is about, but here’s the footage so you can judge for yourself:

“I think the beauty of this team is that we stand behind each other, no matter what,” Lloyd said postgame. “And you know, players decided to kneel, some players decided to stand, and at the end of the day, we have each other’s backs.”

“Ultimately, we’re here to support one another in any way that we can and that’s what’s amazing about this team,” she added.

There’s controversy over that statement? No, there isn’t. Her statement isn’t the problem. The real problem is that she stood for the national anthem, while other players knelt. Our national media has become an echo chamber that seeks to separate conservative and liberal voices. Many on social media presume that players who are personally against kneeling must be part of the political opposition. It’s sad that this is how our national media spends their time.

The conversation gets even worse

Our divide in this instance has nothing to do with Carli Lloyd’s statement, as @Jenstjude’s reply clearly illustrates:

“Weird way to say ‘Some white players care more about their own feelings/beliefs than showing solidarity and support to their black teammates,’ but OK, Carli,” the clown wrote.

“Solidarity” used to mean being supportive of others and providing a safe environment for expression. Now, anyone who chooses to go against BLM’s agenda is seen as an enemy of the media, especially social media.

We’d love to say Twitter and Instagram weren’t important, but that’s where the majority of sports fans get their information. It’s become increasingly difficult to think for ourselves on these platforms the way Carli Lloyd did yesterday, and that should change. We sure hope Carli doesn’t apologize because she did nothing wrong. If she bends the knee to cancel culture like many others have, we’ll be taking a major step backward.

Unity is not the goal

Our national media isn’t trying to unite us the way President-elect Joe Biden and other Democratic leaders have claimed. If you asked Jen St. Jude why she felt Carli Lloyd’s words were unsupportive of “black teammates,” she wouldn’t have an answer.

Her claim would be a jumbled response indicating that Lloyd should have knelt in “solidarity” with her black teammates. Carli Lloyd’s opinion is no longer important. St. Jude wants Lloyd to silence her true perspective.

Twitter is currently in the process of banning conservative voices from their platform, so this trend will only get worse. Carli Lloyd is a big name who could set the threatening example that we can disagree and still get along. The media fears that kind of true unity, and that’s why Lloyd is in hot water.

Hang in there, Carli. We need you.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. If standing in support of your country while it is at one of the worst places in history we have ever been, no matter what side you support… is a problem. Isn’t Biden saying it’s time to come together as a NATION, as AMERICANS. So a member of the NATIONAL team stands for the THE NATIONAL ANTHEM and she has to explain herself….Unbelievable!

  2. First off, please using the proper term “leftist” to describe these intolerant Marxists. There are very few actual liberals on the left anymore. And those that do exist will soon move to the right. Second of all, among America’s woke Marxists the feelings of a woman who is proud of her country don’t matter, only those of the “victim” do. And everything is about race. Got it.

  3. Proud of what America stands for and can be, not proud of the Commies who are trying to run it or the USWNT. They can go winless as far as I am concerned. Actually, don’t care about their sport at all and those on the team who hate the country are a disgrace .

  4. The left does want to unite the country…unite it under Marxism/communism.

    Might want to brush up on history for those that didn’t want to unite under that…heck brush up on history on what happened to some of those in power who did want to unite under that. It should show that you can’t possibly unite under that political regime because it is all about division in the family, the community, and the nation.

  5. This is what happens when you let the carpet-munching Commie Rapinoe speak for your team. The blonde bimbo wannabe man makes all the REAL women on the team have to apologize and justify being a true American.

  6. I’m no longer mixed. Social media should be banned period. It’s horrible for our national discourse. My libertarian side still says no we need free speech but because of social media I don’t think we have free speech.

  7. I scrolled Jen St. Jude’s twitter feed for shits & giggles.. Needless to say it was exactly what I thought it would be.

    And anyone who feels the need to use pronouns in their bio should go lay down in traffic.

  8. So we’re pretty much in a fight to contain China’s global ambitions, and the American left is insisting that the best way to show our “strength” is to publicly condemn ourselves in front of the world – and those who refuse to go along with this are accused of being Nazis.

    No wonder so many developing nations are choosing to side with China – you don’t see Chinese players kneeling during the Chinese national anthem.

    Sure, there were a lot of false myths to the old American tale. Find a nation that DOESN’T have myths! It’s not possible to build a society without some myths. It’s not like we’re competing with some utopian perfection that we can’t measure up against – we’re competing with a cold-blood totalitarian regime that has 2,000,000 of its own people in concentration camps for being Muslim, that is creating artificial islands in other nations’ coastal waters so it can claim their territory, that is mass arresting thousands of Hong Kong citizens in violation of a treaty it willingly signed.

    But according to the left, we’re the problem.

    Sheesh …

  9. I don’t care about women’s soccer or soccer in general but good for Carli. She’s from a town near me so I root for her. I just hope she stands her ground. Rapinoe and the others are unpatriotic turds.

  10. Lets see: One white girl calling out another white girl for not being black enough and women`s soccer players taking the knee. The fact that this girl has to EXPLAIN why she stood for the anthem is stupid enough and the other fact is these women soccer players taking the knee think their they`re are down with the cause. Sorry nobody cares!

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