USA Today Awards ‘Woman of the Year’ Honor To Transgender Democrat

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USA Today honored Democratic State Rep. Leigh Finke on its annual “Women of the Year” list.

What did Finke do to earn the honor? She was born a man.

Rep. Finke is transgender. Identity, not achievement, landed Finke on the list. And for that, she is flattered:

Fox News host Emily Compagno spoke about the list on Tuesday:

“It is so exhausting, in my opinion, to have immutable characteristics or box-checking characteristics be the reason that someone is amplified to that level,” Compagno explained. 

“Every day, all day, we see these underserved communities in these challenging times. How many women and men out there, of just all regards, how many humans out there are doing such good work, are trying so hard day after day without recognition?”

The Babylon Bee warned us

The conservative satirical site Babylon Bee foreshadowed a push to award biological men for “Women of the Year” honors over a year ago.

The Bee satirized the idea by naming goofy Biden administration official Rachel Levine “Man of the Year.”

Levine was born a man and is now a woman.

The joke led the site into Twitter jail, where it lasted until Elon Musk’s purchase of the platform. Finke’s nomination is #JusticeForTheBee.

As was the case of Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer.

Thomas recently earned a nod for “NCAA Woman of the Year” for competing against females in swimming and for exposing male genitalia in the girls’ locker room.


Women no longer have their own dressing rooms, athletic competitions, or awards.

Common sense would define such change as an attack on women. Yet the press and leftists define it as progress.

USA Today certainly does.

All a woman must do to garner “Women of the Year” consideration in 2023 is not be born a woman.

Anyway, congrats to Leigh Finke for the hard work.

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