U.S. Skiers, In The Name Of Snow, Will Wear Climate Change-Themed Suits At World Championships

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Team USA skiers representing the country at this month’s World Championships will be wearing climate change-themed suits. Instead of fans focusing on the actual sport, the Americans want viewers to think about climate change as they barrel down the side of a mountain.

Members of the USA ski and snowboard teams have partnered up with the nonprofit organization Protect Our Winters (POW) for the Kappa-branded suits. The Americans will wear the suits throughout the World Championships in France, which officially began on February 6.

At first glance, the suits look awesome. They look like a uniquely designed suit that isn’t too over the top and certainly different than what you would imagine a USA ski suit to look like.

In reality, the suits depict a satellite image of ice chunks floating in the ocean.

The new climate change race suit. (US Ski & Snowboard Team)

USA Skiers Hoping To Drive Climate Change Conversations

While the U.S. team hopes to push a conversation about climate change, it also realizes a ski suit isn’t going to solve any real issues.

“Although a race suit is not solving climate change, it is a move to continue the conversation and show that U.S Ski & Snowboard and its athletes are committed to being a part of the future,” said Sophie Goldschmidt, the president and CEO of U.S. Ski & Snowboard.


A number of World Cup events have been postponed this season due to warmer temperatures and a lack of snow.

Travis Ganong doesn’t want to see a future without snow.

“I’m just worried about a future where there’s no more snow. And without snow, there’s no more skiing,” the skier said. “So this is very near and dear to me.”

A future without snow does sound pretty awful. Hopefully totally real activist and definitely not a child actress Greta Thunberg will work her magic and continue a push for snowy futures.

Written by Mark Harris


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  1. The suits looks awesome. As for climate change and no more snow, the last 2 years, especially this year, have seen record snowfall in the Sierras, Tetons, and Northern Rockies. But since climate change is solely measured by weather in the northeast of the United States, that doesn’t matter

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