Urban Meyer Claims He Doesn’t Want To Return To Coaching

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Urban Meyer doesn’t want to ever coach again.

The legendary Ohio State coach didn’t even last a full season with the Jacksonville Jaguars before being fired, and his tenure with the franchise was nothing short of a complete disaster.

While a return to the NFL will never happen, his name has been tossed around for several college jobs. Most notably, Nebraska fans made it clear they wanted Urban in Lincoln. It didn’t happen, but the hype was there.

Now, the three-time national champion has revealed he won’t be picking up a whistle again.

Will Urban Meyer ever coach again? (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Urban Meyer doesn’t want to return to coaching.

“No desire. Of course, I think [I] could do some things differently,” Meyer said on the “All Things Covered” podcast when asked if he wants to return to coaching or if he’d do things differently with the Jaguars, according to Sports Illustrated.

He also added he was “excited to see” what the Jags were going to do after some big moves in free agency during the last season. Meyer believes the Jaguars have a “great future” with Trevor Lawrence under center.

Urban Meyer doesn’t want to coach again. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Meyer has a great job on TV.

One of the reasons Urban Meyer might not have much interest in coaching again might be because of his job on Fox.

He’s a star on “Big Noon Kickoff” on Saturdays ahead of the college slate starting. The former Ohio State and Florida leader is very good on TV.

His analysis is incredibly on-point and it’s pretty fun to hear a coach with three rings break down what fans can expect. He’s certainly making very good money, has plenty of other cash in the bank and his work schedule is very light at this point.

Urban Meyer says he has “no desire” to return to coaching. (Photo by Adam Lacy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

It makes sense why he might not want to trade all that in for the grind and hours college coaching requires.

College coaching is a year around job. There’s no offseason like you get in the NFL. When it’s not the season, you’re busy recruiting or running offseason activities.

Instead of doing that, Meyer is just working Saturdays during the college football season.

Urban Meyer is a star on Fox’s “Big Noon Kickoff.” (Photo by James Black/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

While Urban Meyer might not have any desire to coach again, you can count on his name continuing to surface for any major job opening. Nothing gets fans amped up like legendary names being tied to an opening at their school. He might not pick up a whistle, but the speculation won’t stop for a long time.

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