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Under Armour Mandating That White Employees Watch ‘Anti-White’ Training Videos

Coca-Cola isn’t the only major company telling employees that white people are bad. An internal whistleblower at Under Armour provided The Daily Wire with videos of a training session its white employees were mandated to take last spring, an “anti-white” training session, that is. Under Armour “forced its white employees to participate in a training program that asked them to consider ways in which they might be racist,” the outlet concludes from the viewed material. That’s right, every white employee was forced to take a course to find out just how racist they are. The program even asked the employees how many “virtually all white” weddings and funerals they’ve attended. Yet before the white workers had a chance to think back to every wedding and funeral they’ve been to, the moderator interrupted to say, “The last one should be something that you are thinking about if you are white for the rest of your life.” Ahh, got that? “If you are white,” you should think about how many funerals of white people you’ve been to “for the rest of your life.” For those looking to get a job at Under Armour, judging and seeing others as equal, regardless of their skin […]



Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.