UFO Spotted Over Las Vegas Strip Club Explained Away As A ‘Weather Phenomenon’

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An unidentified flying object was spotted over a strip club in Las Vegas last Friday. Employees of the fine establishment Sapphire, the world’s largest strip club, caught the object on camera. It was reported that the craft hovered over the establishment for more than 20 minutes.

As the UFO observed from above it didn’t move or make a sound. It did, however, reflect the light from the club’s spotlights as they crossed paths with the craft.

UFO Spotted Over Las Vegas Strip Club
UFO or weather phenomenon spotted in Vegas (Image Credit: Brett Feinstein/Twitter)

The employee who captured the footage had this to say as he recorded what he believed was a UFO, “Honestly, this is really strange. I mean, we’re here every night. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

The Sapphire employees weren’t alone. There were also reports by a worker at a marijuana growing business. They saw the saw the lights in the sky and claimed the lights were there for more than an hour.

So were there aliens visiting the Vegas Strip couple of days before Christmas? Were they here to observe the goings on at the world’s largest strip club? According to an unnamed meteorologist at the National Weather Service the answer is no.

The nerd and killer of joy claimed that the conditions were right for a weather phenomenon called “light pillars.” So what are light pillars?

UFO or Weather Phenomenon?

The National Weather Service says that light pillars are tiny crystals of ice hanging in the atmosphere. The ice drifts down through the air almost horizontally. This ice is very reflective and uses light from any strong source to bounce off of other ice crystals.

That sounds like the perfect excuse to discount UFO sightings. If you want to believe that reflective ice just hanging out in the sky is to blame that’s on you.

That’s probably what it was, but I would much rather believe that aliens were kicking off their Christmas weekend with a trip to Vegas. They were stopping in for some gambling and the best gentlemen’s entertainment in town.

Written by Sean Joseph

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