Witness Shares Unexplainable Details About UFOs Swarming Navy Ships

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A witness to an infamous UFO event is shedding some light on the incident.

During the summer of 2019, multiple naval vessels were swarmed by unidentified objects while off the coast of California, according to the New York Post. To this day, it’s still not known what might have been up in the sky.

Well, one witness revealed to “WEAPONIZED” host Jeremy Corbell there was never an explainable launch point for the UFOs if they were simply drones.

“At one point he said to me, ‘These are UFOs, they’re unidentified, but we have to call them something. We call them UAS, unmanned aerial systems, because they just weren’t big enough to hold a human being, were coming from the west,” Corbell said when talking about the unnamed witness.

With the ships were off the coast of California at the time of the 2019 incident, that means if the UFOs came from the west, there wouldn’t be land anywhere for them to be stored, maintained or launched from.

You can listen to the recording below and decide for yourself what you think.

This is the latest strange UFO story.

Now, the incident from 2019 has been kept a secret. It’s been written about before, but these details are fascinating.

As the unnamed witness stated, the only thing that would have maybe been close was Hawaii, but the distance from Hawaii to California is more than 2,000 miles.

For reference, a predator drone, which is one of America’s best assets, has a range of roughly 750 miles. That means a drone launched from Hawaii wouldn’t even get close to California, and the same is true if the launch point was switched to California.

Pilots spot possible UFO near Nevada. Audio from the incident has been released. (Credit: Getty Images)
What are UFOs? Military witness talks 2019 incident off the coast of California. (Credit: Getty Images)

Then, the UFOs would then depart in all different “bearings.” That caused the Navy personnel to report it, according to the witness. Again, these ships were just in the ocean.

So where did these UFOs fly off to? While there’s often logical explanations, there doesn’t appear to be one here.

Usually when we’re talking about UFOs, there is always at least one possible explanation. Oftentimes, we see sightings within a couple hundred miles of military bases. In this case, that’s simply not the case with the UFOs from the west. Even if they launched from the east, it would still be a massive distance for non-military drones to fly (if that’s even what they were).

Yet again, we have another mystery about what’s up in the sky. This time, we truly don’t seem to have any answers about what happened in 2019. Only more mystery and intrigue.

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