Russia Claims To Have Shot Down A UFO

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The Russians allegedly took down a UFO.

Russia, which is currently waging a brutal and bloody war against the people of Ukraine, claims to have brought down a UFO in the southern Russian region of Rostov, according to Newsweek.

Rostov oblast governor Vasily Golubev wrote on Telegram that the UFO was a “small-size object in the shape of a ball” and was flying roughly a mile and a half high on January 3. When the object was spotted over Sultan Saly, a decision was made to shoot it down, according to the same Newsweek report.

“I urge everyone to remain calm. To ensure security, all forces and means are involved. The sky is covered with anti-aircraft defenses,” Golubev announced to citizens in the area.

Videos circulating social media allegedly show the moment air defense systems intercepted and shot down the UFO.

What was the UFO?

Did Russia actually blow some little green men out of the sky or is there a more reasonable explanation?

Well, let’s dig in. The first and most important thing is the location of the shoot down. Below, the red pin is roughly the location of where the UFO was blasted.

As you can see, it’s very close to Ukraine. As we all know, a war is going on in Ukraine. The location of the shoot down was definitely within range of any drones that Ukraine might have access to and easily within range of planes or helicopters.

Russia claims to have shot down a UFO. (Credit: Google Maps)

Now, that’s not to say it was any of those things. I’m just presenting the facts. The location of the UFO was less than 100 miles from the Ukrainian border.

That definitely would seem to indicate it’s more than likely it was something related to the war than aliens.

Russia claims to have shot down a UFO. What was the object? Was it tied to the war in Ukraine? (Credit: Google Maps)

The fact Russia’s antique weapon systems also managed to bring it down should tell you it wasn’t that advanced.

Putin’s forces can’t even control the airspace in Ukraine. Do we really think they’d stand a chance against intergalactic UFOs? Of course not.

Are UFO sightings Chinese drones? What is the truth? (Credit: Getty Images)
What are UFOs? (Credit: Getty Images)

It’s certainly an intriguing situation, but with the limited information we have, there’s no reason to think ET just got blasted by Putin.

Written by David Hookstead

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