Was A UFO Filmed Over Arizona? Video Appears To Show Something

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Something recently appeared to be in the sky over Arizona, and it’s far from clear what it was.

As the faithful OutKick readers know, UFOs are all the rage these days. Never before have UFOs and UAPs been more popular in this country. Everyone seems to have a theory.

Add in the fact a Chinese spy balloon recently floated across the country, and people just can’t get enough.

Now, a video shared on YouTube by UFO Sightings Daily, video appears to show something over Scottsdale, Arizona back on February 5.

The video comes with the following description of the alleged events:

Eyewitness states: I had seen some thing in the sky a few days prior and thought I would go outside and just record and as soon as I started recording, and after the birds flew by, I noticed this object coming from the north traveling south. I tried to zoom in as it crossed overhead and follow the object until it disappeared. I was watching it with both my slow motion, camera mode, and with my eyes. I did not see the second craft until I was watching the video. The first craft was brilliant and flickering and even orb like… it exploded, and what looked like an orb, flash of color a few times. Very unusual, and I saw it with my naked eye as well. I don’t know what is going on in our skies, but I thought it was mandatory that I give you this information. The second craft I did not see, but as I watched the video, I watched it mutate from an orb type craft into some kind of metallic craft. It’s like it changed in the sky.Show less

What is this UFO?

This is a very interesting video. What could possibly have been filmed? For the sake of argument, let’s assume it’s not doctored.

There are a lot of fake videos and images out there, but there are also a ton of real ones. How do we know that? Because lots of UFO videos have been captured by our own military.

None are more famous than the legendary “tic tac” video. To this day, there’s no explanation for what former pilot David Fravor saw.

In this video, all you can really see is a white orb/object of some kind up in the sky. Is it another Chinese spy balloon? A drone? Something from outer space?

It’s impossible to say, but there’s a reason the southwest region of the country is known for UFO sightings. There’s a little place known as Area 51 where we do a lot of our tech development and testing.

Below is a screenshot showing roughly the distance from Area 51 to Scottsdale. I’m not going to get much more specific than that because I don’t need a knock on the door from some men who won’t be interested in a polite conversation.

As you can see it’s not far.

A UFO was allegedly filmed over Scottsdale, Arizona. Is there a reasonable explanation? (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GgHky18TFc)

Now, that’s not to say this was a drone or anything else from Area 51. However, it’s definitely worth considering if it’s tied to the UFO sighting. Give us your theories in the comments below.

Written by David Hookstead

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