Proud Americans React To Balloon Shoot Down: ‘He Got That Motherf**ker’

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Some people were very fired up Saturday when the United States Air Force shot down the Chinese spy balloon that was allowed to fly across the country.

An F-22 splashed the balloon with a missile off the Carolina coast, and some witnesses had hilarious/patriotic reactions.

“He threw a missile at it! He got that motherf**ker … F**k you, commie China! I f**king got that, dude … F*ck you, f*king commie China. You badass motherf*cker. You bad son of a b*tch,” a man proudly shouted in a viral TikTok video shared by @bubbathompson0.

In another video making waves online, a group of people proudly cheered as soon as the missile was launched.

At one point, a soft “USA! USA! USA!” chant broke out.

Another lady gleefully declared “That’s my Air Force!” as the missile took down the balloon.

The Chinese spy balloon captivated America.

All anyone had been talking about for the past few days was the Chinese spy balloon. Why was it allowed to travel all the way across America without being shot down?

That remains a mystery, and so far, the Biden administration hasn’t given people an answer. One prominent theory is that it was bait to get America to fire a SAM (surface-to-air missile) at it so the Chinese could pick it up on their satellites and study it.

That’s just a theory that hasn’t been confirmed, but it does seem to make sense.

The government shot down the Chinese spy balloon. (Photo by Peter Zay/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

What we do know for sure is Americans were ready to rock and roll. Prior to the shoot down, “Red Dawn” was trending on Twitter.

The public was ready for whatever might happen. Now, was it a bit bombastic and unrealistic? Sure, but you have to applaud the scrappy spirit.

The same can be said for all the people in the videos above. That’s the same spirit that put men on the moon and beat the Japanese.

Now, how will America respond? That remains to be seen but the Chinese balloon was without a doubt one of the most captivating moments we’ve seen in a long time.

Written by David Hookstead

David Hookstead is a reporter for OutKick covering a variety of topics with a focus on football and culture.

He also hosts of the podcast American Joyride that is accessible on Outkick where he interviews American heroes and outlines their unique stories. Before joining OutKick, Hookstead worked for the Daily Caller for seven years covering similar topics.

Hookstead is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin.


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