Unexplained UFO Orbs Are All Over The World, Government Official Admits

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The United States of America isn’t the only part of the world with a staggering amount of UFO sightings.

UFOs and unexplainable sightings have become increasingly popular in America, and the topic grows with popularity with every passing day.

Shocking UFO footage recently hit the web that appeared to show a massive craft over a military base in California back in 2021.

Government official admits to unknown objects in the air.

NASA’s UAP independent study team held a press conference Wednesday, and while it was pretty vanilla, there was one interesting admission.

Sean Kirkpatrick, who is the director of the US Department of Defense’s All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office, discussed an unknown orb picked up on camera by a U.S. military MQ-9 Reaper drone in the Middle East and admitted sightings of orbs are happening all over the place.

“This is a typical example of the thing that we see most of. We see these all over the world and we see these making very interesting apparent maneuvers. This one in particular, however, I would point out, demonstrated no enigmatic technical capabilities and was no threat to airborne safety,” Kirkpatrick said when talking about the unknown orb, according to Vice.

Are aliens real? What are UFOs? (Credit: Getty Images)

Are aliens among us?

Once again, we have more proof something is going on nobody can explain. An orb was picked up on camera by American military gear in 2022, and it wasn’t an isolated incident.

Kirkpatrick openly admitted sightings of similar objects are happening “all over the world.” He also noted the unknown objects make “very interesting apparent maneuvers.”

That would seem to indicate the objects are under some kind of control. Now, before everyone starts screaming about aliens, let’s remember that I often say these objects could be military gear.

Yes, there is military gear flying around that 99.99% of the rest of the military has no idea about. You’re kidding yourself if you think otherwise.

Do you really think the average Air Force member knew anything about the B-21 before it was unveiled? No chance, folks. No chance at all.

However, the fact the government is more than willing to admit there are orbs all over the world we can’t explain is a pretty notable admission. It’s a sign things can’t be hidden anymore.

What are UFOs? (Credit: Getty Images)

Does it mean aliens are among us? No, but it does mean something is going on. That much is crystal clear to anyone paying attention.

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