UFC’s Nate Diaz Wanted For Second-Degree Battery After Putting Logan Paul Lookalike To Sleep

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Former UFC star Nate Diaz is in the middle of legal trouble after putting a Louisiana man to sleep during a dispute over the weekend.

According to TMZ Sports, an arrest warrant was issued by the New Orleans Police Department on Monday, stemming from Diaz’s scuffle on Bourbon Street Friday night that ensued after a Misfits Boxing 6 event. Diaz faces a second-degree battery charge.

“There has been an arrest warrant issued — he is not in custody,” NOPD spokesperson Karen A. Boudrie said.


A scene like this really goes two ways.

First, you don’t fight with a pedestrian if your appendages could be registered as lethal weapons (looking at you, Diaz).

On the flip side, you don’t pick a fight with Nate Diaz out in the wild.

Nate Diaz Sleeps Logan Paul Lookalike, Arrest Warrant Out For MMA Fighter

Footage of the incident shows Nate Diaz first putting his dukes up, likely to intimidate the physically larger opponent.

After the man clinched Diaz, the ex-MMA fighter trapped him in a guillotine, snuck in a right knee to the body and turned the pedestrian’s lights off. The man fell back and smacked his head on the ground.


The outlet noted that Diaz is accusing the man, Rodney Petersen, of instigating the fight as part of a larger ongoing brawl going on at Bourbon. Petersen was hilariously mistaken for Logan Paul due to his sixth-grade haircut and lack of fighting ability.

After waking up from the a**-whooping, Petersen threatened to retaliate against Nate Diaz. Petersen also showed off a nasty gash on his head from the fall.


The 38-year-old Diaz was in attendance at the Misfits event to cheer on his friend and MMA fighter, Chris Avila. Diaz set off social media during the event after firing a water bottle at ex-Indoor Football League player Chase DeMoor.

Trouble seems to always find the West Coast Gangster.

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