Nate Diaz Choked Out A Logan Paul Lookalike During A Street Brawl In New Orleans

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Nate Diaz isn’t a guy you want to run into in a street fight. TikToker, and Logan Paul lookalike, Rodney Peterson found this out the hard way last night in New Orleans. Peterson appears to attempt to take the former UFC fighter down and is choked out for his troubles.

The short clip shows Diaz and Peterson squaring off briefly. Diaz is trying to get the Paul lookalike out of his way as Peterson stands there with his hands in the air.

Nate Diaz Chokes Out Logan Paul Lookalike
Nate Diaz chokes out Logan Paul lookalike (Image Credit: Michael Benson/Twitter)

There’s some other chaos that obscures the view of Diaz and Peterson, but when the two reappear it looks as if Peterson dropped down in an attempt try to grab Diaz by the waist. His head is in a bad spot and the experienced fighter takes full advantage of it.

Diaz chokes Peterson unconscious then drops him in the street before casually walking away. There are several other fights going on at the same time this took place, but no other clips have surfaced of anyone else trying Diaz.

After the fight it was revealed that the Logan Paul lookalike had suffered an injury to the back of his head. An injury that left him bloody and required medical attention.

Note To Self, Don’t Approach Nate Diaz During A Street Fight

Peterson took to Instagram to address the street fight with Diaz. He claims he was attacked by the former UFC fighter.

According to his version of events, he was trying to get Diaz to chill. Which is a task under normal circumstances let alone when the temperature has been turned up.

Nate Diaz Logan Paul

Diaz and Peterson were in New Orleans for the Misfits boxing event at the XULA Convention Center. Diaz was there to support his friend Chris Avila.

The wild street brawl took place after an incident inside of the arena earlier in the night. Something was apparently said that Diaz didn’t like. He responded by throwing a water bottle at reality TV star turned boxer Chase DeMoor.

The Diaz street fight reached far and wide. UFC president Dana White even took a break from a night of cards to check it out.

Diaz will be entering the ring against an actual Paul brother on August 5th. That’s the date he’s scheduled to box Jake Paul. Luckily, for Jake, chokes won’t be allowed.

Although a second straight loss in the ring for Paul could put an end to talks of him becoming a legit boxer.

Written by Sean Joseph

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