UFC President Dana White Scorches Reporter For Pushing ‘Racism’ Question: ‘No One Gives A Sh*t!’

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Dana White scorched a reporter Saturday night after they tried baiting the UFC president into answering for Israel Adesanya’s use of the N-word in a post-fight faceoff with South Africa’s Dricus Du Plessis.

Adesanya, the UFC’s biggest smack talker, repeatedly called Du Plessis the N-word — prodding the white-skinned African fighter.

It was a play to drive up anticipation for their scheduled title fight, but the reporter wanted Dana’s thoughts on the “racial undertones” from Adesanya’s comments.

White already knew what was coming, having swatted down plenty of dumb questions in the past that the mainstream media loves to ask.

Dana White Shuts Down ‘Racism’ Question By Disconnected Reporter

The reporter asked,

“I know you say, Hey, this is the fight business. People say nasty things, right? But the tension between those two and kind of the racial undertones and all those things, what were the racial undertones?”

Dana White defended Adesanya’s fighting words, reminding him that it’s all part of the business.

He happily pointed out the obvious: Adesanya’s black … so who gives a sh*t?

The UFC chief responded,

“I could care less. This is the fight business. Israel Adesanya can say whatever he wants to say. Who gives a sh*t? Why are people b*tching about that? Too f*cking bad.”

The liberal media loves to insert the racism narrative in every nook and cranny of sports talk. Thankfully, Dana White remains undefeated in calling out those losers and making sure the talk stays on sports. After all, White has sworn to never “muzzle” a fighter for comments they make.

No other sports organization embraces the fight against woke like UFC. Making an appearance at UFC 290 was none other than former U.S. President Donald Trump.

While Trump’s presence tends to produce applause at sporting events, UFC crowds are a different beast.

The crowd went wild for Trump as he entered T-Mobile Arena on Saturday for the Volkanovski versus Rodríguez fight.

Former United States President Donald Trump and UFC President Dana White attend the UFC 290 event at T-Mobile Arena. (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

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  1. Irishman Conor McGregor was once asked about “racist” behavior he had shown, and his loud answer was, “Do they not know I’m half black? I’m half-black! From the belly button down!!” It was hilarious.

  2. “Are people bitching about it? Of course they are.”
    Brilliant by White. He knows the usual suspects of whiny titty babies are out there selling their grift.

    And it’s “couldn’t” but continue.

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