Tyreek Hill Reveals Plans For Life After NFL While Trading Helmet For Headset, Football For Baseball In D-II Return

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Tyreek Hill is having the most eclectic offseason in the NFL. He’s not out partying on a boat with Tee Higgins and Ja’Marr Chase, but he is staying busier than the two of them combined.

With his second year in Miami on the horizon, Hill went back to his roots and dusted a group of grown men in the 60-Meter dash at the USA Track and Field Indoor Championships earlier this month. It wasn’t even close.

A week later, on Saturday, Hill returned to his alma mater and traded his helmet for a headset and a football for a baseball. His “homecoming” weekend also served as a glimpse into his future.

Hill, who first attended Garden City Community College, transferred to Oklahoma State in 2014 and finished his career with one year at West Alabama before being drafted by the Chiefs. The rest is history.

Seven years after entering the NFL, Hill was back in Livingston, Alabama this weekend.

In addition to his role as a dignitary for the school’s ribbon cutting ceremony to reveal new upgrades to the football stadium, he also got his first taste of life after the league. Hill plans to become a coach.

A lot of people don’t know this, but after I’m done playing, I want to put on the headset. Me just being able to stay a part of the game, is something that I’ve always wanted to do.

— Tyreek Hill, via WTOK/ABC 11

As the Tigers played their spring game on Saturday, Hill got to take over as guest offensive coordinator.

It served as a valuable experience for the four-time First-Team All-Pro!

Being able to call plays, and watch (wide receivers) coach (Carmen) Felus, and see how he thinks, and just understand positioning on the field and stuff like that— that’s going to help me out moving forward into my next career.

— Tyreek Hill

And the day was not done there!

Hill also threw out the first pitch before UWA’s game against Lee University. It was a strike!

Hill could try to go pro in baseball or track and field after retiring from the NFL. He’s certainly athletic enough. However, whenever that time comes, it sounds like he is intent on becoming coach Cheetah!

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