Actor Tyler Grey Casually Shows Off Outrageous Shooting Skills

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Actor Tyler Grey is still a superstar with a loaded pistol in his hands.

Prior to starring on the hit TV show “SEAL Team” as Trent, Grey was a member of the United States Army. Specifically, he was a member of Delta Force.

Grey saw combat during the War on Terror, and was nearly killed during an explosion on a raid in Iraq in 2005. The injury resulted in him never seeing combat again and ultimately leaving the Army.

Despite nearly losing an arm and his life, the popular actor is still sharp with a firearm nearly two decades since he last saw combat.

Tyler Grey means business with a gun.

Just in case anyone thought Tyler Grey couldn’t still run and gun, he most definitely can. Grey posted an Instagram video of him hitting a small plate on a hostage rescue target (the plate flips back and forth behind the main target) while holding a pistol upside down with one hand.

Does that sound a shade confusing? Just wait until you see the video. It’s absurdly impressive.

The fact Tyler Grey noted it’d been “awhile since” he’d last “been shooting” and he managed to pull off a trick shot like that is incredible. Again, it’s been nearly 20 years since he last saw combat as a member of The Unit, and he’s out here throwing lead around in a fashion the average shooter couldn’t dream about doing.

A former member of Delta Force recently told me you have no shot of getting through training for The Unit if you’re not “Deadeye Dick” with a pistol.

You have to be a Jedi with all guns, but especially handguns at close range. Tyler Grey, even as an actor, has apparently not lost his handgun shooting skills. He smoked that plate at probably 15 yards with one hand while holding the gun upside down.

Don’t try at home if you’re not an operator!

Tyler Grey served in Delta Force before he was an actor. (Credit: Tyler Grey)

Also, if you haven’t seen my interview with Tyler Grey on American Joyride, you can watch it below. His comeback story is truly an example of American exceptionalism and a great reminder about the absolute dudes we have in this country.

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