Two Men Hospitalized After Monopoly Game Escalates To Sword Fight

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Two men were taken to the hospital after a game of Monopoly morphed into a sword fight. It’s just the latest reminder of how quickly Monopoly can escalate from good-natured family fun to someone busting out their samurai sword.

According to the Belgian paper La Libre Belgique, it happened in Brussels when four men were playing a game of Monopoly on the sidewalk at 5 a.m.

That setup alone should have red flags and alarm bells going off in your head up. Nothing good ever happens on the sidewalk that early in the morning. Now throw a thimble, a car, and Park Avenue into the equation and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Monopoly games can get testy. You start cutting some side deals then some feelings are hurt, names are called, and things get loud.

Monopoly boxes
It may look like a stack of board games, but it’s just dozens of arguments waiting to happen. (Photo by Michael Crabtree/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Early Morning Street Monopoly Woke Up A Sword-Wielding Son And His Old Man

As it turns out, this game did just that and woke up a father and son who lived in a nearby house. Things must have gone south in a hurry because police say the son felt he needed to grab something with which to protect himself. In this instance, that something was a katana, or, to the layperson, a samurai sword.

Again, this must have been one hell of a game of Monopoly.

It got physical, and in the fray, the sword’s scabbard was damaged, exposing the blade. When one of the Monopoly players tried to grab it while the son tried to take it back.

The melee left one of the Monopoly players as well as the son with injuries. The Jerusalem Post reports that the son was struck in an artery and was in critical condition. Both of them were arrested for their roles in the incident.

I don’t know what it is about Monopoly, but it brings out the worst in people.

Even from the start, there’s usually a fight over who gets to be the car, since everyone knows that’s the best piece.

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