Two Golfers Swing At Each Other During Memorial Day Fight On The Course

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There have been some serious brawls that have taken place on golf courses over the last couple of months We’re talking about everything from weekend warriors doing battle over slow play to former MMA fighters handling their business when a few dads decided it was a good idea to trade punches with them.

This is not one of them.

This fight is more aligned with a weekend warriors type of scrap. It features a couple of guys who’ve obviously had enough of each other, but it falls way short in the physical violence department. There were a couple of attempts made to trade blows, but nothing actually lands.

Golf Course Fight Memorial Day
Two men fight at golf course on Memorial Day (Image Credit: Fly Fairways/Instagram)

What the fight lacks in punches landed, it more than makes up for in the trash talk and all around humor departments. If you’re headed out to the course for a good time on a holiday weekend this is the kind “fight” you want to see.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a certain level of entertainment provided by the knock-down-drag-out fight. But on Memorial Day you’re out to remember the troops and kickoff summer on the right foot.

You’re not necessarily looking to witness head trauma handed out by a couple of old men. That’s what makes this the perfect Memorial Day fight. There’s a push and what looks like a missed kick by one of the men at the beginning of their near-brawl.

The other man responds by throwing one of the slowest hooks in the history of man which gives his opponent more than enough time to move out of the way. Others step in to calm things down and the two trade a few insults before going about their day.

Another Day At The Golf Course And Another Fight In The Books

It’s by far how the majority of the arguments on the course end up. There’s a ton of trash talk exchanged, a few idle threats, and maybe a swing and a miss or two. But everyone’s walking away without opening up a cut on their face or breaking a tooth.

There’s not a ton of information about this fight. Nothing indicates where it took place or what started it. The only information provided is in the caption.

The captions reads, “Warning… no one was harmed during this video… literally no one 😂😂😂 just golf on a Monday at your local muni on Memorial Day .. fighting fairways.”

Just a beautiful day at the local course. These guys got away from their families for a few hours and threatened a stranger while coming close to trading punches.

Now that’s a full day.

Written by Sean Joseph

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